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Where do I get the old IOS version of the controller? The current version has way too many features and functions broken. 

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OSX 14.4.1. Lost all access to my Music library. Error 913 when I try to add it. Removed the app and any data I could find in Library, and reinstalled the previous app from Time Machine. Still not luck getting connected to my Music library. For those who were able to get the previous app back - how did you get access to your music again? I’ve checked that sharing is enabled wherever I could find it in the system settings, but no luck.

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This is truly one of the worst app rollouts of all time. Loyal customer here. Extremely disappointed in this new app, which simply doesn’t work! My favorite stations don’t show up correctly, the station art doesn’t appear on the screen, it’s nearly impossible to select a room now with multiple units. All first world problems, I know. But this is the Sonos community, so I’m sharing my thoughts here. Do something, Sonos. Thank you!

I have spent 8 weeks ago 4000 euro to switch from BOSE to Sonos. Upgrade to the latest IOS app last week was a big mistake, Even though I am a new Sonos customer I loved some functions of the old app … especially TuneIn to import independent radio-broadcast URL’s.

My workaround was: using the old SONOS app on MacOS but today Sonos locked me out and is forcing me to upgarde my MacOS app as well.

I am very unhappy that I have been forced to use the new app and downgrade the SONOS experience.

SONOS is often compared with Apple. I am an Apple user since 15 years. Apple never forced me to upgrade the OS


I have two houses with their own Sonos networks.

In the old app, it would automatically connect to the Sonos system when I went on that network.  With the new app, up pops the message” Welcome.  To Set up your system, power on your Sonos Product” with the buttons “Add speaker or component” or “Join and existing system”.  When I click on “Join Existing system”, it says it can’t find any Sonos products.

I finally found out if I scroll down, the app found the local network with Sonos products and from there I could join.

I strongly recommend you restore the old auto-join the Sonos network like the prior app.  This new functionality makes the app seem “dumb”.

Where do I get the old IOS version of the controller? The current version has way too many features and functions broken. 

You can download from Aptoide.

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I have updated my Sonos controller (6th gen iPad IOS 17.4.1) to the latest version 80.0.8 and my speakers to 16.2.
Ignoring the many missing features that were present in the old Sonos S2 app and dropped from 80.0.8, here is my list of outstanding issues in 80.0.8…

1) The Sonos favorites rail only shows 18 items. If you click on the “>” item nothing changes.
- The old Sonos S2 app (on my iPhone) correctly shows my 30 favorite items
- Your latest web app correctly shows my 30 favorite items

2) Clicking on the Plex Service in “Your Services” is returning inconsistent results. Sometimes it show a blank screen and other times is correctly shows the Plex items.
- The old 16.2 app (on my iPhone) correctly always shows the Plex items when clicking on the Plex service
- Your latest web app correctly always shows the Plex items when clicking on the Plex service.

3) In the “Get to know your new app Tip” under “Take the tour” it says that under “System Settings | Network” that if you are running Sonosnet then you can set the wireless channel.
- I am running Sonosnet and when I go into “System Settings | Network” nothing displays.

4) When I select “Music library | Artists” and click the “…” on the right of the screen and then click on “Pin Collection to Home” I get the message “Something went wrong. Try again”.
- This also happens when I try to pin anything from my Music Library to home.


Hate the new app!  Can not get it to work with multiple speakers and various tv’s throughout our home.  My Husband didn’t go to new version and I keep grabbing his phone to connect speakers.  I was reading with iPhone it’s impossible to go back to older version.  Please Sonos improve the functionality of this app and various speakers.  

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I called this morning (5/14) and waited on hold for about 70 minutes, so let me save you the pain and suffering…


I am on a macbook, but this is currently effecting all systems and app on phone.  Supposedly the fix will be tackled with an update this week (we’ll see) but I have also heard in June.

Hopefully Sonos figures this out ASAP because it’s pretty lame that I literally can’t play music I own and have bought on MY Sonos system

How can I uninstall the most recent Sonos upgrade…and reinstall the older version? New version is terrible and does not work rendering my Sonos system useless

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I like everyone else updated my Sonos S2 app.

Reason 1 : I picked sonos in the first place, I could use a seperate WiFi channel/signal for my sonos system using the Boost - new app doesn’t see this!!😡

Reason 2 : I have all my music on a local system. I don’t want any connections to play my music going out to the internet and back again it creates way too much pointless traffic causing lag on the rest of the network plus it’s an increased security risk. If sonos insists on doing this then you may as well have poured water on my sonos speakers as the outcome will be the same, useless!!!😡😡 



Please can I have the previous version of the S2 app back. If not I will downgrade my system to S1 and never go anywhere near your company again. I rarely cast from my phone to sonos and that was the only update S2 gave me that I used.

Apparently there has been an app update. I have two in ceiling speakers at to mono offan amp. I used to be able to fade the audio left or right and it would allow me to send music to one speaker or the other. The app update no longer has this feature (as far as I can tell).

Does anyone know what the deal is with this? The EQ options only allow me to adjust bass and treble now. 



Here's a screenshot of the old and new apps

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A full listing of my hardware will follow.  

The app update absolutely killed my system.  While the app was updated on both my phone and ipad, the issues persist with the web app as well.  This is a fiasco.  

It is nearly impossible to explain what is going on.  Simply put, nothing works as it did or should.  Adjusting volume, slow and does nothing.  moving the slider only graphically changes.  Speaker groups pop in and out whether they were selected or not.  Whole home audio (a feature I love and need from a product) no longer works. 

I called for support. Estimated wait time was 70 minutes.  Got help through sales, who had no help to offer, but suggested I do an online chat.  Did that, and got sales again.  

Am I the only customer that is absolutely in the dark and left to contemplate buying a whole different system?  I can’t sell this - too honest to burden someone with costly stuff that doesn’t do what it states.

I’m still waiting (and don’t anticipate ever receiving) for the email that the sales rep said would follow after they created the ticket.

So, I made a video to help explain what I have going on.  Does anyone have any idea WTF is going on at Sonos?  Do I now own little more than landfill?  What system or brand are you auditioning as a replacement?  Sony?  Bose?  Klipsch?  I’d love to hear from Sonos, but my breath isn’t being held.


My sonos hardware list:

2 Sonos Arcs

1 Sonos Sub (Gen 2)

2 Era 300’s

2 Era 100’s

1 Roam

1 Beam

1 Playbase 

4 One (gen 1) speakers.

Not even bothering listing mounts and stands.




any idea if this will be fixed yet? I also noticed not allow my TV to automatically switch to TV input after listening to music when turning the TV on. This is the most confusing Poorly laid out on my phone now!

How can I go back to the old app? New app does not have all the same features so frustrating.

What the actual heck SONOS! This is one of the worst “upgrades” I’ve ever seen! When will this be fixed! You need to be sending out emails with status updates. This is unbelievable! Literally nothing works since the “upgrade”! Then there’s a 2 hour minimum wait time?! I owned your products for 12 years now, I’ve never had an issue but my god you got one now! 


Is there a way to undo the current app update. I hate it. 

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The app does not work in my house. The speakers are excessively slow to respond, if they respond. The app states the TV is connected but I can access the TV via the “your services”. It’s a dead spot. On the soundbar it say no queue- FOR THE TV.  The music to app is poor and clunky at best. 

I need to ask. What is the primary product? Is it speakers or an app? What good is the app if the speakers don’t work. 

There NEEDS to be a non app based way to operate. For This Reason. People spend LOTS of money on speakers they expect to work for years. This was a horrible investment. I just want my money back and find a system that won’t take their customers for granted. The decision makers don’t seem to remember what the product is, or that they have destroyed their agreement with the consumer, 


This new app is terrible.  Cant add my library, why would you ruin a great system with this terrible update.

In the AMA the answer was literally that they just decided to do it. They discovered a major bug on the release day and YOLO’d IDGAF and released it anyway. Zero regard for the users. 

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I’ve tried to look everywhere but couldn’t find if anyone else is having an issue with search results. When searching for a song title it only brings up the Artist, Album and Stations but not the song. I really hope I don’t have to go into an album just to play a song now.


This the same crap I keep getting...

I manage a yoga studio that has never really had problems with Sonos until the new update. It keeps defaulting to one room, no matter if you select another room, switch rooms, group rooms, it still only plays in one room at any time. Super infuriating when your product (yoga/pilates) relies on music for group energy! PLEASE HELP THIS STINKS AND I WISH I COULD TAKE MY UPDATE BACK 

The new SONOS APP is terrible!  And worse, there doesn’t seem to be aby way to revert to the previous S2 app, so once you update, you appear to be stuck with one of the worst User experiences I’ve ever seen. 

It’s understandable that every app gets updated over time, but this current iteration of the SONOS app is way too busy with a cluttered screen. 

The Now Playing window sits on top of a still visible Home Screen.  Many of the functions that were available on the previous SONOS S2 app either aren’t available or don’t work.   

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It’s complete crap. I truly believe Sonos doesn’t care about their customers. I’ve just factory reset all my speakers - many hours wasted and the app is to blame without a doubt anymore. Opens different rooms by itself, change volume or song and you are spending so much wasted time trying to get the garbage app to respond. It constantly turns other rooms on and lags so badly. I’m really starting to hate with a passion these overpriced speakers that worked fine before they continuously keep screwing them up with crappy app updates. A lot of money invested in this and just basically close to being useless now. If they truly cared about customers you would let us use a reliable working app until your beta test is complete. 

I HATE the new App. Whom ever created this crap should be sent back to school. It is not at all set friendly and it looks like a kid made it. Just absolutely horrible and the interface is trash. I have 19 Sonos products and I just am so frustrated since this update I simply want to burn them but sadly I’d still have to deal with the mess.