Turn down Assistant volume on Sonos One?

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We're in luck.
Just found this at 9to5Google

Apparently Google has still not rolled this feature out generally on their own speakers after 5 months.

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Dear Ryan S


I know your going to reply with your standard answer:

 'I don't have any details as to if it'll happen, but I'll make sure the team knows people are still asking.'


However, on this occasion could you please go and ask 'the team' if this is going to be fixed or not. Get a yes or no answer then report back. 


I need to know as this issue is so bad on beam you never want to use it. If it's not going to happen I want to invest in different system so a 'dont know' answer isn't good enough, you're either working on a fix or you're not.

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Hi, Bigskull. I can answer for Ryan. Thanks for your comments. I can understand your irritation at the lack of this feature. Unfortunately, we neither have any details to share, nor can we offer a time frame for resolution. The teams rarely share what they are working on, even with us. All we can really do is forward the feedback we receive. Let us know if you have any further remarks. 

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Strange. There really is no need for this secrecy. I think someone needs to have a word with 'the team' and remind them that they're working on voice control for speakers, not a top secret weapons programme.

@Edward R 

 customer feedback:

 your teams spoils really be engaging in bio directional communication such that you can service us - your clients. The response you give protects the company via compartmentalism but impacts your brand image very negatively as it illustrates a non customer centric approach to supporting your product.

Simply stating what you have is extraordinarily concerning. This standard feedback response needs to be re-thought by whoever put it in place.

I've also come here looking for some way to turn down Google assistants voice. Any updates?

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Hello everyone.

Thank you so much for the feedback about this. We strive to improve Sonos in anyway possible, and we cannot do it without your help. However, I do not have any information to share at this time. Rest assured, we take your feedback to heart regarding the volume on Assistant, and will pass this information to the appropriate team.