Lip sync fault - Samsung QE43Q60R QLED (2019)

  • 18 April 2019
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I have the same problem, please see me other replies.  I was able to use the optical output off the DVR, and also the optical from the TV for the TV apps, and the voice lag went away.  I utilized a J-TechDigital optical switch to control the input.  I realized this does not “solve” the TV problem.  But I like the Samsung Q80 75” that I bought, and this adapter solves the lag.  If I see a firmware update, which I don’t expect to the TV, that resolves this I’ll reconsider my need for the adapter, but for about $30 for adapter and cables - problem resolved.

Thanks, Samsung have sent out an engineer (3 visits) who have reported back that there  appears to be a compatibly issue with the soundbar.


I have chamged the settings on the tv to PCM and the sound sync is fine, I will now go back to Samsung regarding the TV processor .




Got exactly the same issue.


Just bought the QE65Q90R. At the same time, I also bought two Sonos Play 1s to add to my Sonos Play Bar to great surround sound.


Switching to PCM defeats the object of the surround sound.


Is there any other solution?

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Please see my above response.  Also, please refer to my other replies on this subject.

The answer is not great, but it is a solution.

I’d concur with MSterling. The issue is the inability of the TV to pass the signal back out to the Sonos quickly enough to avoid lip sync problems. Pulling the audio out before it reaches the TV is, until Samsung can affect an appropriate fix, the easiest and least expensive way to resolve the issue.

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Also, just for clarification, by using the Optical from the TV, I was also able to use the TV apps without the lag.  I still found a slight delay for tv broadcasts. 

That’s interesting, and suggests two different paths in the TV for the audio from each source. 

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Here are two videos to help with testing.  Play these on the TV in the YouTube app.