Lip sync fault - Samsung QE43Q60R QLED (2019)

  • 18 April 2019
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The Beam has lip sync problems with the new 43’ QLED TV when audio is delivered to it in dolby. No sync error with PCM.

From a cursory reading on here it seems Samsungs generally work with Sonos (ie without sync errors).

Other than adjusting to PCM are there other settings I could adjust to retain dolby while eliminating the delay?

23 replies

Did you fix this? I just got the Q90R ‘Flagship’. I often have negative lip sync and I can only add a positive delay. PCM doesn’t sound great. The lip sync varies so much I am changing constantly.
No, my experience is the same as yours. It seems to be worse on Virgin TV than with internet VOD or streaming.
Have Sonos offered any suggestions or do they think it is the TV?
Sonos - no; retailer suggested only the audio delay setting in the sonos app, which doesn’t help. Consensus seems to be that there’s latency in the audio output through hdmi-arc when using dolby, presumably due to processing, which the Sonos can’t do anything about. If the latency theory is true then I assume it can only be fixed by Samsung updating the firmware so the audio output syncs with the video. I’ve given up playing with the settings; if there’s a way to retard the video to allow the audio to catch up I’d like to know what it is.
Have you tried the TV speaker? I’ve just tried mine (no soundbar). The sound and picture are not quite in sync. It’s not as bad as with the soundbar but does seem to point to a TV issue. This is with Sky Q HDMI and optical connection to Playbar in Dolby 5.1.
Hi Mark, I’m not getting any sync issues when using the TV speakers - but not a comprehensive tests as I’ve not tried it with all channels that were causing problems before (BBC1 HD was worst I think). Have you found a fix? Samsung need to update the firmware to allow voice and video modulation as the Apple TV update provides (assuming that’s the fix).
Hi. I raised an issue with Samsung. I would suggest you do the same as the more people raising, the more attention it might get. I also have the retailer chasing Samsung and fortunately have the offer to return or exchange the TV.

Meanwhile, the only work around is to use PCM output instead of Dolby 5.1. Not really acceptable but at least it works!


Set your A/V sync on your tv to ON and not Auto.  Lip sync problems sorted beteen tv and beam and sky Q. 


Where is the A/V Sync setting?  I can't see it on the Sound menu. 

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Did you try using the optical connection via the included hdmi-to-optical adapter? Might help. You won’t loose any sound quality, although you won’t have HDMI-CEC support either. On the flipside, Beam has an IR receiver and it can “learn” your TV remote, so you can control volume that way.


I have the Playbar which is only optical although I have tried a Beam and other HDMI devices. 

I still can't locate the A/V Sync setting mentioned above. Is it on the UK/Europe version of the Q90R TV?  


Sky Q hdmi cable direct to tv HDMI ARC,  Optical out using the hdmi and the optical adaptor for the beam direct to the beam HDMI.

Sony tv is SETTINGS > SOUND > Then look for the A.V Sync.  If it is set to Auto move it to ON. This removes the lip sync issues.  Sorry dont know where it is on all TVs but check it out.


Well this thread was for Samsung TV issues so thanks but I don't think we’ll find the same settings on the Samsung as you have on the Sony. 


Most tvs have this function.

Might help



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Ive been suffering with lip sync since i purchased the sonos beam ive tried all sorts off setups but nothing sorts it 

Samsung say its sonos problem 

My tv IS  a QE55Q8CNA any help appreciated 



If the video is ahead of the sound then I’d expect it to be a TV issue. If the sound is ahead of the video just use the delay settings to correct it. 

For video ahead of sound all you can do is raise it with Samsung and escalate the issue. You can contact the CEO from their website. The more people that do this the more chance we have of a fix. I raised for Q90R.


On the Q90R Samsung UK have been able to reproduce the lip sync issue and have passed it to HQ for further analysis. 

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I raised it with samsung and they are adamant it is a sonos problem after going  back and forward emailing swapping settings 


With the concept that misery loves company (not sure that really true).   I can confirm the same problem on my 2019 Q80 (U.S. version).  When I have Xfinity set to Stereo no issues.  But when set to Dolby 5.1 it has the video ahead of audio sync problem.   I have one more item to throw in the mix.  


My Xfinity X1 box HDMI Out is sent to my Denon AVR HDMI input.  Then the Denon HDMI out feeds the Samsung HDMI input.  And lastly the Samsung HDMI ARC feeds the Sonos Beam.  I have the Denon set to HDMI Pass-Through for when it’s not active and in Standby mode.   I have the Denon in the mix, because I also use it to play music to on my B side connections to my patio.  I use the Xfinity Music channels for that at times.  


I have not yet experimented if removing the Denon from the path of connections would rectify the lag problem.  But based on my reading of others, I don’t think this will help.  I have yet to try  +Firestarter999 usage of the Optical.  But I really didn’t want to give up the HDMI-CEC function of having one remote from Xfinity to both control volume and power on/off the set.


Lastly, I acquired two Sonos One’s a few days after getting the Beam, and successfully connected them as Left/Right Surrounds to the Beam.  With Xfinity set to Stereo, I hear audio for through the Ones’. Although, it’s not clear to me if they’re acting as Surrounds.  I don’t have the Sub.  So my set-up is 5.0.

Can someone provide guidance on this last comment?

Thank you.


Audio Lag Solution:

I now have the Cablebox to TV as HDMI for video. And discovered there is a Optical Output from the Cablebox which I used with Optical/HDMI adapter to run directly into the Beam. I'm going to get a 3-1 Optical adapter to ultimately connect all audio components including TV apps, BlueRay, and Cablebox.

Pretty clear indication the delay is being caused in the TV?


Pretty clear indication the delay is being caused in the TV?