Can I simply connect a CD player to a Sonos:5 as I do with my Technics vinyl player?

  • 27 January 2023
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I see that people have asked similar questions, but I can’t seem to find the right answer. I have today a couple of sonos:1’s and 1 sonos:5. The latter has a vinyl player connected to it. If I would like to also connect a CD player to the same sonos:5 I will need a Sonos Port or a sonos connect, OR can I merely buy one more Sonos:5 and connect the CD player directly into that? I realise that I would then need to locate the new sonos:5 right next to the existing sonos:5 and that may be silly. What to do? 

PS: I am using Spotity for conveniency, and vinyl for the best experience here but I do have a lot of CD’s with music that is not on Spotify so that is the reason behind it. 

Additional question: I don’t think the Sonos sound is very good, but probably just ok. Is there anything I can do to improve the sound apart from spending 2000$ to buy more speakers, a sub, etc? 


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Any Sonos analog line in is expecting a line level input, beyond that, it has no idea what is on the other end, a CD player, an .mp3 player, a DVD player all look the same. A turntable often does not have a built in pre-amp to raise that phono level output to line level. 

In your case, I’d give a lot of thought about a simple a/b switch to allow me to select which device is feeding the Sonos, it would be significantly less expensive than a new Sonos device. 

Thanks Bruce. Sorry, but a simple a/b switch to exted the line in on my existing play:5? Where do I find that? My turntable do have a built in pre-amp, would I not need to have a CD player with a built in pre-amp or is this not relevant? I am sorry for the stupid questions. 


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This kind of switch is also called RCA switch. Amazon sells them too. You do not need a preamp with your CD player because that already has a line level output.