Play:1 - Still not working and rant.

Long story short.

I cannot recall my WIFI P/W
So I did as directed and hooked it directly up to my router with TWO different ethernet cables.

Still won’t work. Blames me for the power not being on or it being plugged in. IT IS.

So I guess that’s that. I now have a expensive paperweight.

And just for some history. This thing has been an absolute UX nightmare from the day I got it. Multiple networks, routers etc, and there has alway been issues. Why will it not work simply through a direct connect with ethernet it beyond me.

When it works it’s great, but these issues have me looking elsewhere for another solution.

I just can’t believe your system and app just basically is so archaic and well, s****.


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Thanks SONOS. So I guess the lesson here be aware that you’re SOOL once your product is “outdated”.

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All those problems over such a long period, but you’ve never come onto the forums to ask for help? 

Are you decided on a change, or are you now asking for help?