SUB gets out of sync after update to 14.6 - bass is delayed making it sound like reverb

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appreciate the reply…yep, they are set up as surrounds.  there are 2 options to control them, tv or music.  doesn’t matter if i stream pandora from the tv app or my phone, same echo effect.  this wasn’t an issue until a month or two ago, so that points to a fw upgrade from sonos.  as i said, same setup at a different house except using a beam and no issues.  others seem to be having the same issue.

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Just spent 3 hours messing around with my setup before finding this thread ..

Its so bad.  I own more than 20 Sonos products in 2 different homes and this has ruined my experience with the fancy new Arc.

All my Gen 1 and 2 stuff still works great..  S1 for life.😆


FWIW rebooting the Arc fixes my issue temporarily as well.  

I actually bought an S1 only unit just so ours always fails the "Upgrade to S2" test, £50 well spent on a ZP90!.

Time and time again forced updates ruin what is a good system.

Issue just occurred again!  This time I removed and re-added the sub to fix the issue!  Come on Sonos,  this is crazy, get it fixed.


Same issue here. I have to remove the sub from my setup and add it to correct the problem, but it gets out of sync again a few days later. Hope this gets fixed soon as it is rather frustrating to have paid this much money for a system that doesn’t work properly. 

What response did you get when you submitted a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and called Sonos Support to discuss it?

I feel like I'm having this issue as well.

My set up is beam (connected via gigabit eth), 2x one sl's (no eth) and a gen 3 sub (no eth).

Before buying the sub today, I've noticed no lag between the beam and the ones but after connecting the gen3, there is noticeable lag from the sub.

I tried disconnecting the eth from the beam but that didn't seem to make any difference. Lag is present listening to Spotify service within Sonos app, streaming directly from Spotify and using the Spotify app from within the tv. I haven't noticed lag when using non-music sources but I think it's harder to notice it compared to a constant beat of a song. 

Pretty pissed off though. This gear ain't cheap!



Same issue here

arc, sub gen 3 and 2 Sonos play 1’s for surround.