SUB gets out of sync after update to 14.6 - bass is delayed making it sound like reverb

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Same issue here. I have to remove the sub from my setup and add it to correct the problem, but it gets out of sync again a few days later. Hope this gets fixed soon as it is rather frustrating to have paid this much money for a system that doesn’t work properly. 

What response did you get when you submitted a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and called Sonos Support to discuss it?

Just spent 3 hours messing around with my setup before finding this thread ..

Its so bad.  I own more than 20 Sonos products in 2 different homes and this has ruined my experience with the fancy new Arc.

All my Gen 1 and 2 stuff still works great..  S1 for life.😆


FWIW rebooting the Arc fixes my issue temporarily as well.  

I have been expecting the same problem. Tried everything keeps coming back. This needs fixing Sonos!!!

Same issue here

arc, sub gen 3 and 2 Sonos play 1’s for surround. 

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I also have surrounds and sub delay echoing after the Arc.
I have read articles saying Sonos are denying there is a problem with this latest update but there obviously is.

Please Sonos rectify this as switching off the Sub and surrounds is not the home theatre setup I thought I was investing in with the Arc.

I have never had lag echoing with my Sonos Sub 3 but I did get it when my 2 Sonos One SL's were playing surround sound, say, from a movie but since the last update (14.8.1) thankfully this problem has gone away!


When playing movies I just used to turn off the surround speakers as it was doing my head in which kind of defeats the purpose of buying surround speakers!


I just wish that the Sonos app had a way of rolling back the last software update like Windows used to do when I had a PC around a decade ago!

I have this problem. I reset the wifi and it sometimes helps it (for about 12-24hrs) and then I have to do it all again.


how is this not being addressed?