SUB gets out of sync after update to 14.6 - bass is delayed making it sound like reverb

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Same issue here since 14.6, but with rear Play:1’s to Sonos Arc. Sometimes they’re delayed, sometimes they just stop working entirely, I’ve had them distorting and garbled. I must have re-added the surrounds about 7/8 times now, power cycled the Arc triple that, solves it for a very short period then it comes back. Pretty disappointing there’s been no fix, and the mis-mash of statements and denials from Sonos means it’s starting to feel like amateur hour, which it really shouldn’t for a product like this.

After upgrading to release 14.6, I’ve noticed that the SUB frequently gets out of sync (lags) relative to the ARC.  When this happens the SUB can sound like reverb - it really degrades the sound experience quite a bit.  Removing the SUB and then adding it back in does not seem to remedy the problem -- the only thing I have found that clears this state is power cycling the ARC.

I have exactly the same problem. After resetting, rebooting my WI-FI and unplugging power repeatedly it still doesn’t fix the problem. The sub will just come on randomly and then go into this reverb mode. Come on Sonos, we didn’t pay three times the amount for a sound bar and sub to experience bargain equipment reliability. 

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My setup is arc + one SL as surrounds

And I also have to experience the surrounds getting out of sync .

This has to stop.

Sonos….. we need an update with a correction of these issues

I also have surrounds and sub delay echoing after the Arc.
I have read articles saying Sonos are denying there is a problem with this latest update but there obviously is.

Please Sonos rectify this as switching off the Sub and surrounds is not the home theatre setup I thought I was investing in with the Arc.

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Thanks @Herm212 and @GuitarSuperstar.

I read that thread and it’s possible the symptom I’m experiencing is related in some way, I’m not sure.

In my case I’m not losing audio on the subwoofer or surrounds -- the only manifestation I’ve observed is that the subwoofer audio is slightly delayed relative to the ARC.  I suspect that the audio synchronization software has a bug, but that’s just a guess as to what is going on.

As an example….last night I went to bed with the system playing correctly -- meaning good synchronization between the ARC and the sub.  This morning when I turned on my TV to watch some news I could tell that the subwoofer signal was lagging the ARC -- bass notes were slightly delayed relative to the rest of the audio.  I estimate this signal lag is a few hundred milliseconds.

I power cycled the ARC and normal sound was restored after it restarted.

(Side note:  This morning I also added a WiFi power outlet for easier power cycling of the ARC as a band-aid until Sonos is able to released updated firmware.)

Same issue 

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You are probably dealing with the same problem as these users: