LG C9 + Arc + UB820 / Multichannel PCM for DTS Blu-Ray discs

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So after speaking with Sonos over the phone, and doing diagnostics, they basically are saying that all/most of Blu Ray DTS is a version of DTS called ‘DTS4’, which Sonos don’t actually support.

And the reason I get it when eARC is turned off is because my TV then converts DTS 4 to DTS.

In case this is derailing this thread (which is more about C9 and the lack of DTS at all), I’ve made a new thread about DTS 4 - 

If you’re in a similar situation to me, and having to toggle eARC on/off to get DTS, please feel free to get involved in this thread.

I have the LG C9 TV and it passes-through the supported DTS 5.1 and for other unsupported formats like DTS-X/HQ, I simply switch/use the Mc-LPCM codec on the sending device.

Are you using the UB820 player? I know there’s a way to downgrade DTS-HD to DTS, but it does the same with Dolby too if you turn it on, so you lose Atmos and the like.

I mean, I can also get DTS 5.1 when I turn eARC off, but it’s a pain having to keep switching it every time (and remembering to switch it back on after you’ve watched a movie).

Ah no (sorry) - I am just using a PlayStation - I don’t have to switch off eARC on the C9 TV however in order to play DTS 5.1 audio - that codec works with eARC either ‘on’ or ‘off’ and I just leave it enabled for that and obviously for the Mc-LPCM (lossless) audio too.

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I’m running an LG C9 with a Panasonic UB820 Blu-ray player, Sonos Arc + Sub gen 3 + One SL surrounds. The lack of DTS support on the Arc has been frustrating for non Dolby encoded Blu-ray discs, so I have been eagerly awaiting the multichannel PCM update.

It’s finally arrived (thanks, Sonos!) and I tried playing a DTS encoded Blu-ray and… no dice. Still stereo PCM 2.0. Has anyone running a similar set-up managed to get 5.1 PCM output from the Arc?

The C9 supports eARC and multichannel PCM, I’m using 48gbps HDMI cables that support up to 8k60Hz, all of the devices are up to date, I have the C9 set to PCM with eArc enabled, DTS output set to PCM on the UB820… I’m really at a loss here. Any ideas or suggested settings?

I’m assuming everyone with this setup got this issue sorted now?