LG C9 + Arc + UB820 / Multichannel PCM for DTS Blu-Ray discs

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I just wanted to add a little more info here:

I have a C9, Sonos Arc and had the Panasonic 820. While many DTS UHD discs has a core lossy stream (Gladiator plays perfectly fine on my setup for example in lossy DTS 5.1), all releases from Arrow Video don't. Both Donnie Darko and Pitch Black only has a lossless DTS stream, and won't output any audio when playing the discs. The only option is to turn on PCM, but that only gives you 2.0 audio.

I returned my 820 and went with the Sony 800m2. Seems like the best option now. Or an Xbox. 

I have never been able to pass LPCM 5.1 7.1 from the Panasonic 820 through my LG CX to Sonos ARC. only PCM 2.0. Thanks to someone else’s post in this community, I found the very affordable $150 Sony X700/M player w/ great IQ BTW will pass LCPM 5.1/7.1 from the player through the LG CX TV and to my Sonos Arc for my DTS: HD only blu-rays. It was too late for me to return the Panasonic, so I use the Panasonic 820 for all my Dolby Atmos blu-rays discs HDMI 3 and the Sony player for DTS only blu-rays HDMI 4.