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Sonos controller should behave like an appliance. Stop updating my controller with forced updates.

Enable the Sonos Amp and Connect:Amp sub outputs for Music!

In my Media Room, I just swapped out my Connect:Amp for an Amp. The most disappointing thing on both setups is that when configured as part of a surround system, the sub output is disabled. While I...

Using Roku for volume on playbar

How to eliminate "not available"message when adjusting volume using Roku

Zone Switching Sucks!

Every time I try to switch zones I have to go through hoops to do what used to just work. Will you PLEASE STOP MESSING WITH THE USER INTERFACE?

Sonos Software and has gotten progressively worse over the last 3 years

As a user

Amazon Music Canada

When will it be available?

Suggestion: Room Selection Presets

What I want, is the ability to create Room Presets under the 'rooms' section of the app. This would mean you could select room x,y and z and save it as a preset, or just rooms x and z under a differen...

Sonos One will not connect to my Synology NAS

I cannot connect my SONOS to my NAS where all my music library is siting. I have tried many options: "Manage Music Library" - > "Music Library Setup" -> "Add new Share" -> Enter static IP address, or...

Songs ending early

I am playing songs from my iTunes library on my phone and the songs are cutting off early.

Sonos & Sony KD55A1

Hi - I have just bought a Sony KD55A1 and also have a Sonos Beam soundbar. Because the screen sits flush with the cabinet, would it be detrimental to sound if I put my beam on the floor? Alternatively...


I allways wondered why Sonos never tried to make Headphones ? I mean if they would i surely would bye a pair. Since Boss & Sony has some nice once I would love to see Sonos aswell.

Rename the Sonos: Amp_Poll

Hello There's a thread where a few of us were discussing Sonos naming of products as to how they can sometimes cause confusion for the poster and those trying understand exactly what is being asked....

Suggestion: Connect unit fit for 2019

It's time to give the Connect a much deserved update. Hardware seriously outdated. I mean has it even been changed at all since 2005? Too big. Should be no bigger than a Chromecast. Too expensive....

Lost Playlists when switching to new router

Hello, I am tech challenged and I have 2 Sonos One speakers which I control with my phone and a tablet. Recently my phone broke and was replaced...I also changed wireless so have a new router and serv...

Changing my username

Is it possible that one of the mods could change my username to something more sensible please? I though I'd be able to do this myself but I don't think it's possible. For example, Nigel_57 Thank y...

Request for controller functional enhancement

Recently, I bought two SONOS PLAY:1 speakers. The speakers are really great. The sound quality is superb. The app to drive them is also good, but not great. There is something in the app very disappo...

Are you guys being sabotaged or is sonos now just a dumb company in a smartphone world?

Stupidly I decided to get rid of the annoying update icon in the Sonos app. The result is a broken home theatre setup. After spending a whole day of reading support and trying every possible scenario...

A long term support version of the controller

Can we have a l0ong term support version of the controller for those of us who don't want all the 'New' features and are happy with something that works

Need help pairing Sonos Beam with Sonos One

Just got a beam and want to pair it or bond it. Can’t seem to find how to do so Any help would be appreciated

Why are the links not working? (Support site)

Why are all of the light color links on the LED Lights page, after the No Light link, no longer working? https://support.sonos.com/s/article/226?language=en_US

Sonos Controller for Windows - Shortcut key for pause and play

Thank you for the latest UI update on Sonos Controler, looks better. One feature that I have been missing for a long time is a simple shortcut key for pause and play. For example F5 or Space. Now Sp...

Sonos, why did you stop my music?

What gives Sonos the right to come into my home and stop me using equipment that I paid for to play my musc from my server in my home? It is outrageous and unacceptable behaviour. It might have been...

Play 5, the 3.5 cable connection is broken

Second Play 5 to break in 14 months. The first one, the wireless board died. Got a new one and now the 3.5 connector stopped working after 10 months. The past 2 months I would get drop outs, I'd un...

Are you people crazy?

I tried to use my sonos just now (I have guests over) and I had to jump through hoops just to make it work (was working fine last week) needed create new password, re-enter email, etc. I just want to...

Unable to submit form. Please refresh the page and try again.

I am unable to post responses. I logged in but can't post a response to any topic because it keeps telling me 'Unable to submit form. Please refresh the page and try again.' Trying to create a topic t...


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