I am never buying another Sonos Product and here is why.

  • 4 April 2024
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First Thing, I just want to say that I love the support and community and I think you’re all great and very helpful.


That being said:


No Youtube Cast Support

Why doesn’t Sonos support Casting form Youtube Music App?


Answer: Because Sonos sued Google, and won. Now the higher ups are “sticking it to them” and the consumers by withholding the feature.


You have lost my trust and probably others because of pettiness, nothing more.

(I considered moving to another server like Spoitify which is what I think they’re persuading users to do.)


What next? Another lawsuit which you not only win, but also remove features from involved platforms.


Note: Even if there another reasonable explanation, the lack of communication on the matter has me frustrated and committed to moving on.


5 Year limitation on updates.

Even though the speakers still work on the applications (FOR NOW), Sonos can turn that off at any time and there is nothing I or anyone else can do about it.
Planned obsolescence is a plague in the Tech world and since it’s jumped to speakers I cannot support it.


Does not Support Higher Than 48Khz FLAC Sound

I need to remaster my Library for Sonos. That’s a lot of work and not what I was expecting from such an expensive set of speakers.




There is so much potential but it just feels like I’m stubbing my toe every time I use Sonos.

Otherwise, I love the experience but I don’t think these annoyances will go away.


Kind regards,

Youtube Sucks


PS: I’m probably wrong about a bunch of stuff here but I’m just mad.

3 replies

Good luck finding another system, though it would appear your complaints are either with the service themselves:

  • YouTube not allowing casting preceded the Google lawsuit.

 or are based on untruths:

  • It is a five year minimum for support, not a limit.  Sonos still supports devices made back in 2005.
  • Any resolution over 40 kHz is wasted on frequencies higher than any human ear can hear.

Does not Support Higher Than 48Khz FLAC Sound

I need to remaster my Library for Sonos. That’s a lot of work and not what I was expecting from such an expensive set of speakers.

When we studied this I was not so sure that my classmates ‘got it’. There are no peer reviewed studies proving that anyone can discriminate any difference between 96 and 48KHz music distribution. There are benefits using high bit rates in the studio while the files are being processed for release. (Math considerations that can cause ugly side effects are minimized) Recording at low bit rates of 96 and even 192KHz is considered lame by many studios.

Yes, it is a minor inconvenience to convert the files and some math issues could be introduced by sloppy processing. However, sending 96 or 192KHz data to a family of 32 SONOS players will stress many home network's wireless capabilities. When WiFi 7 becomes pervasive, SONOS systems include more processing power, and everyone has a well laid out WiFi system, we can casually move up to 192KHz, even if there are still no peer reviewed studies proving benefits.

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Buzz, don’t forget: That you can afford a house far enough from neighbors their fancy new WiFi setups don’t wipe out the spectrum needed for your networking.

Given all the new Quantum Fiber, three pod mesh systems we are getting since they went live here spectrum is getting sparse. Had to force my solar controller to 2.4 GHz as the pod backhauls are making 5 GHz iffy. Getting out the spool of Ethernet cable and my bag of connectors if one more neighbor signs up!