Forced to update to 14.19 now sonos one outplays arc w/ surround

  • 23 November 2022
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I was so happy with the 14.18 release.  All the previous issues were fixed.  I did not want to update to 14.19 but the system would not allow me to add any new Sonos one SL until I performed the update.  Now the Sonos one in another room outplays my arc, sub, two ones in the living room.  This updated affected something again for the arc with surround configs.   

We should have a way to stay on a firmware we are happy with and not be forced to update to add speakers.  Now I lost the sound I loved when they fixed it in the 14.18 version.

2 replies

What does “outplay” mean?  Are you talking about volume?  Is the Sonos One playing after the HT room for TV audio (expected)? What’s the audio source you are using where this “outplaying” is occurring? 

Because the Sonos One you bought could be sitting on the shelf for an unknown length of time, Sonos has to require that it and your existing system be updated to the most current version to do an update.  Otherwise, they would have to provide a way to have your Sonos One update to any previous version, or a range of version.  That could actually be a downgrade depending on what is on the One initially. 

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By outplay - meaning.  If i turn the system on, the Sonos one in another room is louder than my arc / surround in the living room.  Before this update last night, a volume on 18 could fill up my open floor plan, living room, kitchen, dining room and sounded great.  Since the update I am back to putting the volume over 40 to get the same volume and having to turn down the One in the other room.   Loved everything they fixed in 14.18 and it was perfect for me.  I notice a difference in the 14.19 that is not better than the 14.18.  Just wish my arc would perform like it did when I purchased it and it was close to that with the 14.18, but now….