Query QC issue with Sonos Sub

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Anyone else had issue with the quality of the finish with their Sonos sub? I ordered a sub from a reputable retailer and noticed the side panel wasn’t flush at the top. The sub was returned for exchange but the replacement was just the same plus generally poor finish with the paint job i.e. spot marks in the painted finish and a couple  of chips in the case that were obviously present prior to the case being painted. 

I’m aware I might be considered “picky” but for £700 I think I have the right to expect the Sub to be manufactured to a high standard? 

i’ve included a photo showing the side panel not sitting flush. 

thanks in advance to anyone who replies


Best answer by Xander P 13 May 2021, 10:23

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Hi @Arnis65, thanks for raising this with the community!

I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team via live chat or phone call regarding this, as the casing should indeed be flush. They should be able to assist you in getting a replacement unit sent out.

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks Xander, i’ve been in touch and Sonos agreed it to be a manufacturing issue but advised to go back to the store I purchased it from. Unfortunately given I had had two the same, although the second had other issues as well, I thought it best to get a refund - assuming it to be down to a dodgy batch. The issue I have is it’s hard going backwards i.e. no sub and I would still like one, just one that’s manufactured to the same high standards  as the other Sonos speakers I have. Unfortunately Sonos are out of stock, ironically I cancelled my online order with Sonos because I found the sub in stock elsewhere, had I not I would have been getting one delivered from Sonos in a few days 🤦‍♂️