Google Assistant on Sonos is a joke.

  • 22 December 2019
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Is it really that bad?  Because at this point, it feels that bad.

I have a stereo pair of sonos ones (the main speaker being the second gen, the other 1st) and a sonos move.

I have no other google speakers in the house and to lessen any confusion from my Google assistants part, I even disengaged it on my phone.

I have problems nearly 100% of the time with google.  Simple commands such as, "pause," "play some music", or "skip this song" or mainly everything music related I get a constant,

"Sorry, something went wrong, when you're ready, give it another try."


Or, my favorite one is,

"Sorry, I can't do that here, but you can ask me to play it on one of your other devices."

This happens all the time.  If it does work, it's usually on the second or third try, and by then I'm so frustrated I wish I never invested in these speakers. 

Spotify is my main squeeze, but anything streaming related seems to be a nightmare.  I've tried rebooting google assistant but nothing works and now I feel like I have some serious buyers remorse.  These speakers are very expensive and sound great, but I have nothing but frustration with the simplest of music tasks.


I've looked at the forums and overall it seems like it's a mess for google assistant all around, but if anyone has found out anything I havent yet it would be helpful!





12 replies

I agree. Google assistant on my Sonos one gen two is basically ****. it barely works and when it does it takes a very long time thinking before anything happens. It  never play songs when requested. Is there any type of update coming?

The Sonos app **** and for the price of Sonos products they should be ashamed of themselves. 

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Strange thing is, on my system GA works most of the time. While not perfect, most commands are being dealt with OK. Maybe you could contact Sonos?

I sold my Sonos ones and bought a Google home Max. So much better and it hooks up to my Bose system.  Much more responsive and I don't need a $500 Port to have my Sonos work with Bose just a cheap Chromecast. Sonos sucks 

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Can you elaborate on in what way the Google Home Max is better than the Sonos One and how you have it hooked up to what Bose system? Maybe your expericence can benefit others.

Have you tried contacting Sonos about the problems you where experiencing. so they could help you?

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I just spent 10 minutes creating a Sonos account just to agree with you, google assistant on Sonos is pathetic. It’s like talking to a deaf person. 

“Hey google, turn on my bedroom lamp”

“turning on the sitting room lamp” 

“Hey google, turn on my bedroom lamp”

“I don’t know how to deal with that request right now” 

“Hey google, turn on my bedroom lamp” 

“blimp” (nothing)

Google assistant is good, it’s just Sonos’ version that isn’t. Sonos google assistant does not work. Sonos sells a premium product that does not operate as advertised. Lazy, careless service. 

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There are rather a lot of problems with Google Assistant on Sonos, but the biggest one is that Sonos has not fixed one single problem since the initial introduction of Google Assistant support last year. It’s like they want it to fail.

You do know that your Sonos speakers can now be set up as the “default speaker” for any Google Assistant device, right?  Best of both worlds. 

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You do know that your Sonos speakers can now be set up as the “default speaker” for any Google Assistant device, right?  Best of both worlds. 


Thanks, that might solve a problem for some people. 

If I wanted a speaker linked to my Google Assistant, I could have chosen one of hundreds of much cheaper systems of comparable quality. 

Sonos advertise the Google Assistant as a feature, so it should work, but it doesn’t.

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I wouldn’t describe GA on Sonos as “doesn’t work”, but it’s certainly not perfect and it will sometimes suddenly change it’s behaviour - for better of for worse.

For example: since a few months I could turn my Philips Hue lights in a room on by saying “Hey Google, lights on” (or off). Only lights in the room linked with a Sonos speaker (living room and attic) would act on this command. Earlier all (22) lights in my home would turn on (or off) with this command. Since earlier this week (update to 11.1?) the exact same command will, on Sonos, turn on (or off) one light - the one in my daughters room. On my Google Home/Nest Mini’s nothing has changed. Now (only on Sonos) I again have to point out in which room I want to turn the lights on or off……

Also the Beam (in the living room) and the One in the (open) kitchen sometimes react as if they are somehow linked together.

I have tried removing Sonos and Hue from GA, but this has been no help.

@106rallye don't forget that GA on Sonos seems to be dumb as soup compared to GA on Google Home, judging by its response to simple questions, as we discussed on the Dutch community.

So yeah, with that and the features like Voice Match that are lacking, GA on Sonos is underwhelming. No doubt some of this is per Google's demands, but it makes you wonder why other speaker manufacturers have been able to integrate GA more successfully.


You do know that your Sonos speakers can now be set up as the “default speaker” for any Google Assistant device, right?  Best of both worlds. 

This works fine in rooms where I have a Home mini and a Sonos speaker without voice capabilities, but in rooms where I have Ones, or a Beam I shouldn't need to have an additional device to make GA work well. And still, choosing Sonos as a default speaker will not have GA answer questions on that speaker, only media output will be directed there - it's just not the same experience.

I really wish I hadn’t wasted my money on this, given how frustrating it is. I bought it purely for a better GA speaker, it is a speaker, but GA on it is too painful...