Sonos won't search Spotify

Sonos App has stopped searchin Spotify.  Both Sonos and Spotify are “working” -- i can play spotify content from within Sonos -- but I cannot seach from within Sonos.  I have (soft) repooted the speakers, rebooted my phone and removed and then readded the service,  None worked.


Best answer by Corry P 17 July 2023, 17:09

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Check out this thread:

It seems to be a Spotify issue.

Thanks, and I’ll review, but my error message iiferent -- “Spotify isn’t responding”

1 more data point -- when I swutch to Classic Search, it works, which is the opposite of what others reported in the other thread.

I am having the same issue. Whenever I search in Sonos spotify shows as not responding, but I can still play music from Spotify on Sonos. Using the new or old search does not help. 

New search for sonos radio and spotify are not working for me. When I try to search, I get

Sonos Radio and Spotify aren’t responding. You can search a different service or try again later.

Check for service outages on our Service Status page.”


Switching to classic search per @sklein11 is working for me, thank you. 

Same issue. New search was working until 7/15. Now it’s the red exclamation mark next to Spotify button and sometimes next to Sonos Radio. But classic search works fine. Reported to Sonos support but no resolution.

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Hi @sklein11 and others

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

There was a Spotify outage during the weekend - if this was the cause of you all being unable to use New Search on Spotify, it should be resolved now.

If, however, you are still unable to use New Search specifically with Spotify, please remove your Spotify account from Sonos and re-add it:

Remove a music service account from Sonos

Add a music service to Sonos

If you are still unable to use New Search with Spotify after performing this step, please submit a support diagnostic after testing and reply here with the number given. Thank you.

If, however, you are only unable to search for Artists via Classic Search, this does not apply to you. Please view this thread instead:

I hope this helps.

Hi Corry P.  Have tried all you suggested and no joy. I can play Spotify through Sonos but when I search through either new or classic then spotify is not provided in results.  I also use Amazon and that does appear.  Please provide a remedy that works.  Thanks 

Sorry Corry P. Forgot to include support  diagnostic info ..,   1055940145

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Hi @GSS 

Thanks for the diagnostics!

If you don’t mind, could you please try rebooting your router by switching it off for at least 30 seconds, then rebooting all your Sonos devices by removing power from each for a moment? Once done, please test searching Spotify once more, and if you get the same issue, submit another diagnostic and post the number here. Thank you for your assistance.

Does not appear to have helped. 1246985173

Rebooted router. Rebooted devices. No change. 852584442. GWB

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Thank you, @Skeletor169 & @GWB 

I passed those on to the engineer who requested them, and we are investigating.

I check again and I can search by song, album, or playlist using the old search function, but nothing shows up for Spotify if I search using the artist

Nothing at all shows up for Spotify if I use the new search function

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Hi @Skeletor169 

I check again and I can search by song, album, or playlist using the old search function, but nothing shows up for Spotify if I search using the artist

Unfortunately, that is a separate issue coinciding with this one. It’s being investigated, and is discussed on the thread below:


Fixed! Thanks! GWB

That’s pretty quick work, well done, Spotify!

Fixed! Thank you for all of your help

Sonos search of Spotify now working for me.  Thanks.  However, now Search of Sonos Radio is failing with same message I used to get on Spotify “Sonos radio isn’t responding …..”.  I don’t care as I don’t listen to Sonos radio but just letting you know FYI.

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Thanks to you all for reporting back - I guess we can stop investigating!

@GSS - I was again unable to reproduce this with Sonos Radio. I understand if you’re not bothered, but I recommend the same steps as I recommended for Spotify above.

I hope this helps.

Artist search not working for me. I don’t understand. What did you do to fix it?


I’ve tried all the suggestions I read above.

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Hi @nbpete 

The issue reported above came back. Until it is resolved again, you should be able to get results from Spotify in your searches by placing your search term “within quotes”.

I hope this helps.

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That’s seriously janky, Sonos.