is there going to be option to play music direct from android devices rather than have an external source?

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That would require either connection to a home network or a Data plan on the phone, correct? I will have neither in this case.

I thought I read somewhere some guys talking about how it would be nice to bring the Sonos to the cottage to play music, a place where there was no Wifi or Network signal from phone, and there was a maybe a way to do this. I guess not then? (this is where I thought you just set it up at home on Wifi before going, but then once at Cottage you no longer need Wifi or a Network signal)
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Only option would be an old router just use for wifi signal. Doesn't need internet.
Oh so the Sonos CAN work with no Internet, that is good to know, it just needs to be on a Wifi network of some kind, even if not connected to net.

Ok I think this is the last question on this, sorry for all the questions and thanks for answering them.

So with the phone only option, such as I want to set it up in the washroom, there is no Wifi signal, and the phone has no Data plan, hence no access to the Internet what-so-ever. You have confirmed that Internet is not needed, so if I enable Wifi hotspot on phone, will this be enough to play music on Sonos even though there is no Data or connection to home router, similar to the old router at the Cottage scenario? I'm not sure how Mobile hotspot works on phone, I thought you needed a Data Plan, which obviously you do if you want other devices to connect to Internet but in this case we don't need Internet.
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I think it will work. You should test at home before go. Otherwise find an old obsolete router just to use.
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First apple, then android, now removed from apple app and still on android. An odd evolution.
Not odd when iOS is the cause of the removal.
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Not odd when iOS is the cause of the removal.

That and when Android doesn't experience this issue.