Alexa volume VERY low on Sonos Beam

  • 31 December 2020
  • 78 replies

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When my Sonos Beam volume is set a comfortable level for watching tv and I ask Alexa a question, the volume of her response is too low. I am unable to hear the answer.  If I raise the volume of the Fire Cube it doesn’t change the volume on the Beam. If I raise the volume of the Beam I can hear her response, BUT the volume is WAY too loud to watch tv.. 

78 replies

found this discussion as this same problem with my Beam/Alexa and LG tv is driving me CRAZY. How did they not fix this yet?

We recently bought an Arc, same issue. While TV/music is at a comfortable volume level, Alexa is super quiet and we can’t hear her. When turn up Alexa, the TV volume explodes. Issue still persists after 2 years, sadly!

Same issue here… how is this still an issue?!?!?!?