Gen 2 speaker wont connect to new Eero 6+ mesh network

  • 18 March 2023
  • 2 replies

I’ve changed my router and my Sonos One speaker won’t connect to the new network. My Play 1 speakers and Amp have all connected fine. I had a similar issue previously and was advised to turn off my old routers 5ghz channel and that allowed the Sonos One speaker to connect. My new Eero mesh system only allows turning off the 5ghz channel for 10 minutes, not permanently.  I’ve tried this and the speaker still won’t connect when the 5ghz channel is temporarily disabled. The speaker is location and the power supply means I can’t plug it into the router with Ethernet. Can any one help please?

2 replies

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Any chance of changing your wi-fi credentials back to those of your old router?

Temporarily, can you wire the problem speaker to your base Eero unit?