One year on: Sonos One + Google Integration = Total Trash. Have you given up Sonos Tech Team?

  • 16 December 2020
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I waited to buy Sonos until Google was integrated and invested on a Sonon One in December last year.

It is crap.

@Patrick Spence, your team have failed to deliver anything like what can be described as acceptable. Have they give up on the ghost? Was it just too difficult for them to work the api and integrate?

Is there no experience on the team? Does creating “exciting” new thingys mean more to them that to fix a failed product?

The kit does not talk to or remotely integrate with Google Speakers - something so very basic. That is what it is all about.

What a total waste of money.

1 reply

I am afraid you have totally misunderstood the situation here.  Sonos have been making whole-home audio systems since 2005.  A couple of years ago they introduced the possibility of controlling Sonos by voice, and Google’s voice offering was one option.  Sonos speakers are voice-enabled speakers.  They are not Google Home devices, or Amazon Alexa devices. 

There has never been a suggestion that Sonos speakers would ‘integrate’ with anybody else’s systems or speakers, and I personally doubt that will ever happen.  I certainly had no expectation that anybody was even trying.  Voice control has been integrated, but not systems.  You go fully Sonos if you go Sonos.

I am sorry you are disappointed, but I don’t think the outcome you want has ever been contemplated by Sonos, and certainly not promised.