Sonos Move randomly turns on?

  • 15 October 2019
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I only bought my move 3 days ago and while it doesnt randomly play any music it randomly turns itself on after i've turned it off. My only concern is that it will jack up the battery life. Any way to fix this?


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96 replies

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Hi Jerofthewoods

I can’t verify this behavior as I ‘ve never shut my Move down when on battery but I’ve seen it with other battery powered devcies. It may be that if you turn the Move off when it’s not on the charging ring and later place it on the charging ring that may trigger the low power mode.  I know that the charge light will appear monentarilly.

Maybe you can provide more details on how and when (i.e. under what circumstances) the issue occurs.


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Whether it is on or off the charger. I'll turn it off and then walk by a few minutes later and it will be on again.  Thats all i got so far.  It just did it again as i'm typing this. The sonos app notification on my phone popped up and the move is on.

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for Thanks for the reply.  Since this a relatively new product what you are describing sounds odd as “off” should be “off”.  That said you have a few options:

  1. Submit a diagnostic, post the reference ID oin this forum and call Sonos Tech Support to discuss the issue or contact via Twitter or Facebook (recommended)
  2. Factory Reset the Move and run setup again to see if that corrects the issue
  3. If the issue reoccurs after a Factory Reset follow the steps in 1 above (within 10 minutes of occurence)

Click here for instructions to Factory Reset

I had the same problem.  It would power on automatically whether it was in the charging base or not.  Really sucked because it just drained the battery, and I wasn’t getting much time on the unit.  I ended up returning.  Really disappointing.  I sent a diagnostic...nothing.  I reset it to factory settings...nothing.  

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I have the same problem. I hope when Sonos finds the solution they will inform us Move owners here.

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I am having the same ongoing issue. As a test I tried holding down the power button for five seconds in an attempt to completely turn off the speaker when it was fully charged. I then left the speaker for a week in the dock with the charger turned off. After turning the speaker back on again the battery charge was completely empty and so the speaker must have turned back on again. Is there another way to turn the speaker completely off to conserve battery levels?!

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My Move seems to turn itself on when I turn on additional Sonos speakers with the Android app, when already listening to one or more speakers. This is frustrating!! Please advise!

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I found this in Sonos Support. I had been just hitting the power button once, and the LEDs went off but no chimes are heard. Keep pressing the button until the chimes are heard and then the LEDs become dark. The next time you turn on MOVE, it has to find the WiFi network, just like when you unplug any other type of Sonos speaker.  I think this is the answer!


Turning off Sonos

To turn off most Sonos products, disconnect the power cable.

The battery-powered Sonos Move is the only product that includes a power button. To turn off Sonos Move, press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds until your Move chimes and the LEDs turn off.

Thanks Clark the answer I was looking for. I’ll give it a shot otherwise sounds like it needs to go back until gen 2 comes out. Which would really be disappointing. Best feature of this is blue tooth to play your own music

Had the same issue because I only pressed the power button short and after a while the Sonos Move turned on automatically.

Do like the answer above (ClarkE).

Press the power on/off button for 5 seconds until you hear the chimes...

Same here. :-( 

I bought the Move to use it in two rooms without a power outlet nearby. So I use it e.g. in the bathroom in the morning, then switch it off at 69%. When I come home in the evening, battery is almost empty and I have to charge it before I can use it again. 

Switching the power off by pressing the button until the chime sounds (as described above) is a workaround but not really a solution for everyday. So I really hope Sonos will fix this properly - or explain why this speaker turns itself on after the user has switched it off.


I have the same issue. 

I was disappointed to find that my new Move discharges it’s battery so quickly if it is removed from the docking station, even if not being used, and I have switched it off using the on/off button on the rear of the unit. Therefore I need to leave it permanently docked so it is juiced up when I need to use it.

Does the Move automatically stop charging when it has reached 100%?





same here. I got my sonos about 3 weeks ago and for one the battery will die in 5 days even if unused which I didn't know and I thought that the product was defective. also, at random it does turn on by itself. I always make sure that I power it off until I hear the chimes but it still comes on randomly and some time it does not want to be powered off. I was wondering since a lot of us have been having this issue that sonos will come up with a solution such as firmware update or such

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Frustratingly I am still having the same issue even when the unit is turned off. It sounds like a design flaw...

I’ve just got mine today. It is also turning itself off. I have just tried the 5 second turn off. Let’s see it works other wise is is going back. 

I have the same issue. Turning the move off using the 5 seconds method and it will turn itself on again after hours/days (not sure) and be visible in the app. This will drain the battery and leave the move empty when i finally want to use it.

I would have expected to turn it off until I turn it back on again. Is this an update mechanism?

My Sonos Move will turn itself on after hours/days when turned off by pressing the power button for 5 seconds until I hear the sound. I appears offline in the app, but after a while it turns on again. Not sure why? I expect it to stay off until I turn it on again. This will drain the battery whe not expected and leave the Move empty when I actually want to use it.

The best long term strategy for battery life is to keep MOVE on the charger when not used as a portable device. Repeated full discharge is not optimal for this type of battery technology. (this is the case for most modern battery operated gadgets)

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Hi everyone, I’ve merged a few other threads into this one to keep everyone in one place, so please pardon the dust. We’re looking into the reports of Moves that are turning on on their own and I’ll let you know in here if I have any requests from the team for more details needed. 

Same issue. The MOVE turns on randomly. I did notice it was in a group with my living room. I removed it from the group and did the 5 sec hard off.  Lets see how long it stays off.


I just bought the move a few weeks ago and I am having the same problem keeps turning it’s self on thinking I don’t want too drain battery, I will try the method of pressing power button more than 5secs too see if that will solve the issue( as watched recommended videos reviews) on this speaker and the person testing speaker advised turning off via power button too save battery life when not in use. So am hoping it’s just a wee glitch.

Same issue here, and wondering if it’s tied to the launch of the Sonos app on iOS? This seemed to be the cause for turning on power to the Move, however I now notice it powering on without the app. Fingers crossed a software update fixes this issue. 

Same issue here, and wondering if it’s tied to the launch of the Sonos app on iOS? This seemed to be the cause for turning on power to the Move, however I now notice it powering on without the app. Fingers crossed a software update fixes this issue. 

I am on Android, but we have all operating systems in my home. The 5 second hold has worked all day so far.

Same with mine.  Following. 

The Sonos move it doesn't turn on by itself, the problem is
you are not turning off the speaker completely, maybe you are
just pressed and release the power button, this is only a
light turning off, to turn off the speaker you have to
Press and hold the button until the speaker turning off
that the correct way,
good look
Daniel Diaz