Sonos Move randomly turns on?

  • 15 October 2019
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I only bought my move 3 days ago and while it doesnt randomly play any music it randomly turns itself on after i've turned it off. My only concern is that it will jack up the battery life. Any way to fix this?


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92 replies

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I am having the same ongoing issue. As a test I tried holding down the power button for five seconds in an attempt to completely turn off the speaker when it was fully charged. I then left the speaker for a week in the dock with the charger turned off. After turning the speaker back on again the battery charge was completely empty and so the speaker must have turned back on again. Is there another way to turn the speaker completely off to conserve battery levels?!

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I have the same problem. I hope when Sonos finds the solution they will inform us Move owners here.

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I found this in Sonos Support. I had been just hitting the power button once, and the LEDs went off but no chimes are heard. Keep pressing the button until the chimes are heard and then the LEDs become dark. The next time you turn on MOVE, it has to find the WiFi network, just like when you unplug any other type of Sonos speaker.  I think this is the answer!


Turning off Sonos

To turn off most Sonos products, disconnect the power cable.

The battery-powered Sonos Move is the only product that includes a power button. To turn off Sonos Move, press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds until your Move chimes and the LEDs turn off.

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Whether it is on or off the charger. I'll turn it off and then walk by a few minutes later and it will be on again.  Thats all i got so far.  It just did it again as i'm typing this. The sonos app notification on my phone popped up and the move is on.

Same thing happened here. I have called them and they said the unit was bad and sent another one, but the new one does the same thing. I guess the only fix for now is to keep it on the charger. Hope they come up with a better fix. 

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Hi everyone, I’ve merged a few other threads into this one to keep everyone in one place, so please pardon the dust. We’re looking into the reports of Moves that are turning on on their own and I’ll let you know in here if I have any requests from the team for more details needed. 

When the Sonos Move is completely turned off (after holding power button 5s), it turns back on when charging. After charging, the Move is on and starts quickly draining again. My problem would be solved if the Move didn’t turn on when charging. Then I could just charge it, and it would always be 100% when I actually need it.

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Hi there  @ianacwilliams,

Thank you for reaching out to the community with your diagnostic report.

If you have removed the Move from the charging ring, try pressing and holding the power button for 15+ seconds.

Once the speaker is “off” press the “Join” button once. If the speaker is fully powered down it will not respond to this button press. 

Left out of the charging ring, it should remain powered off. 

If it spontaneously powers back on after this, we are gathering information on these occurrences and I recommend that you reach out to our support team  and start a troubleshooting ticket.

Information collected through the troubleshooting process can help us target and resolve the issue since there is not yet a resolution.


just fired off an email to Patrick


Hi Personal Assistant 


Love the sound of the Move


Only one criticism, when I turn the Move off, i want it to stay off.

The reason being is because I use mine in a campervan (wild camping) If it’s turning it’s self on, it’s wasting battery power.

If I’m in the vicinity, & awake, I can turn it off.

If I’m asleep..... you get the drift.

This behaviour happens both on the base charger, or off.

I am not the only person with a Move who is experiencing this.

On the forum, we are told that Sonos is aware of the problem, & told to raise a ticket.

I would say that’s a major problem.

When yr get a chance mention it to Patrick.

Kind Regards 

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Sadly there's a theme where Sonos appear to be ignoring this issue now.

I think the vast majority of Move owners use it as a normal speaker and occasionally ‘move' it from its base for a few hours or so but place it back afterwards so notice no issues..

Forn the users that actually want the Move as a portable speaker and want it to behave as such and want to use it days after last being charged (but unused in the meantime)…  well, prepare for silence.

(if at all relevant, if a device gets an IP address for an hour, a week or or anything else…  if I switch it off completely I don't expect it to wake itself up to check if it still has one or attempt to renew it)

Same issue. This is a software bug. How did they not see this use case coming? PLEASE PATCH SOON! Make the power button do what ANY other speaker does. Turn it OFF! Thinking of returning

Mine arrived yesterday.  Same issue.  Nothing above helps/works.  Frankly I’m speechless finding comments dating back a year on this issue. I am, I really am speechless.  I mean…..what is the point?

Battery drain issue happening for me exactly as described with my recently purchased Move. As promoted by Sonos, raised the issue as a problem. Sadly as indicated above by 1923MainStreet  Sonos support either doesn't talk to each other or hope to fob customers off . My response from Sonos support indicated this is normal behaviour :


From the diagnostic you submitted, we do not see any issues regarding the Move's battery. However, what we did notice is that the device "wakes up" at around half of the lease time to check whether the IP is still available and nothing has changed, then it "goes back to sleep".

Please be informed that this is a normal behaviour for Sonos Move.


If by normal behaviour my battery goes from 100% to less than 20% in fully switched off mode over 5 days this does not match Sonos claims for the battery.

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Hmm, just got my Move, and realised this problem. sonos do you have anything to say? Why aren’t you fixing this problem? 

Mine keeps turning on. I tried the “hard” off last night but by the time I woke up it was back on!


I didn’t connect to any voice activation programs. I specially didn’t want that and the tech I chatted with said it wouldn’t be a problem. 

Anyone finding an answer? 

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With the recent ‘end of software’ email from Sonos that has appeared in my inbox, I would be interested to hear what Sonos’ plans are to fix this fundamental issue with one of its ‘modern’ products...

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Hi there everybody. It does look like this is an issue that we are tracking with some of our Move speakers. 

If you haven’t already started a troubleshooting ticket with our support team I would encourage you to do so. 

When issues like this sprig up the more information we can gather about the issue will help us resolve the problem. 

Creating a case with us will also allow us to notify you when the issue is resolved. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to figure this out.

Same problem as described here.. really frustrating: battery drains even when I the unit is off.


and some times, when it’s off the power it makes a sound as if its turning off and that happens (ofcourse) in the middle of the night.


They got some stuff right (the sound, the build, etc.) but I wouldn’t bought the Move if I knew this upfront..


I have had the move for a few weeks now. I also noticed it turning itself on (from off, not standby). And I’m experiencing battery drain whilst powered off. 

I do not use / have not set up voice control / corporate privacy invasion. 

I turned off the automatic software update feature via the app and I’ve not noticed it turn on again since (1 week ago). 

It still looses battery charge very quickly after turning it off, compared to all other battery devices I have, including a MacBook Pro in sleep mode. Which is fairly poor for the money spent on the Move. If this can be rectified by a software update I would recommend Sonos fix this. It’s pretty pointless having a wireless product that needs to be kept on the charger all the time if you only use an hour or two per day. I’ll just need to remember to manually check for software updates :)

Couldn’t recommend this product with the above faults for this price tag. Sounds fairly good though considering the size. They got that bit right. 





even though the Sonos Move is turned off and not plugged on the charging base when I open Sonos S2 app on my iPhone, it turns on the Sonos Move.

do you guys experience the same behavior?


The Move’s power management is far from optimal. I have mine in the bathroom and thought it would only use power when being used or use minimal power when not. Instead the battery depletes at an alarming rate. Other mobile products I have used don’t work like this. 

One of the issues is when I open the sonos app it automatically ‘wakes’ the move. I was hoping to keep the move in the bathroom for at least a week before charging, instead it lasts about a day. It desperately needs better power management options within the app as wandering around with a 3kg speaker back to charging station all the time is not really how many people use these mobile speakers. my Cambridge Go can last a month without a charge as it doesn’t use at battery when off. 

i think this is a big flaw in this product which desperately needs sorting. 

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Hi Jean,

To confirm, my Sonos Move turns itself on when fully powered down and when left off or on the charging ring. This is a clear design issue that a number of units seem to be having.

I have submitted a ticket as requested.

Many thanks,



Diagnostic confirmation number: 1468493453

I removed my Sonos Move from the charging ring, turned it off, packed it, drove to a family house, and turned it on the next day and it was at 84%.

The “power” button is acting more of like a “low power” button and doesn’t completely turn it off. This is a design choice and can be fixed via software. Just do it. 



same here. I got my sonos about 3 weeks ago and for one the battery will die in 5 days even if unused which I didn't know and I thought that the product was defective. also, at random it does turn on by itself. I always make sure that I power it off until I hear the chimes but it still comes on randomly and some time it does not want to be powered off. I was wondering since a lot of us have been having this issue that sonos will come up with a solution such as firmware update or such


I just got mine a week ago, and noticed the same issue. However, a few days ago, I tried switching it from wifi to blue tooth and it does not seem to still be turning on. Has anyone else noticed that that may be a solution to this problem?

I have the same issue!   I returned my first one after I went through the Sonos Case issue system .  They sent me a new device .. but now, the replacement device is doing the same thing ( turning on by itself)


It is NOT on  charging base, I held the power button to insure it was completely powered down - now one week later , I hear it playing on its own in my closet 


Sonos.. PLEASE listen to us and provide a fix.   This is unacceptable 


SAJ - Milwaukee