Playbar Setup - connect to Sonos named wifi first?

  • 23 November 2020
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I have Sonos in four rooms in my house so I am quite familiar with the workings.  I went to a friends last night and they have a Playbar that they purchased with the house.  We struggled to get S2 to find it.  I finally realized that his phone needed to be a  SONOS named SSID that I suppose the Playbar has to connect to his wifi.  I don’t recall that with any of my newer products, and I can’t find ANY mention of it here on the support pages or in the community.  Just in case we need to troubleshoot again for example if we change his wifi SSID, is this normal and where is the Sonos documentation on it?  


Thank you.  Michael

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3 replies

The temporary Sonos wireless network appears only when setting up a new system in wifi mode. 

To add a speaker to an existing system, just use 'Add Product' in Settings.

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So @John B RB I must have done that the very first time years ago and just don’t remember.  Does the app say to connect to that wifi network.  My friend was doing it on his phone so maybe I wasn’t aware.  

Also if we want to change his Network SSID, is it best to just clear the Wifi settings and start over?  Thank you for this quick response.  

Hi.  Here is the official guide to changing wifi details