Sonos 2021 wishlist

  • 30 January 2021
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Good watch, pretty much nailed it on the head of what I would like to see introduced this year. I am still not completely satisfied with my ARC yet.


6&7 channel

upward firing speakers on surrounds

traditional' home theater



24bit from streaming service

360 speaker

Showing audio format on main menu for all sources not just ATMOS

4 replies

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Hi @Mitchellsx.

Thanks for reaching out. We highly appreciate all your input, feedback, and requests here in the community.

I will log those as feature requests and pass them along with the team, though we do not have any specific details that I can share around if this can come to Sonos, or when it might, the development team is monitoring this community and listening to your feedback. 


Feel free to let us know of any other feature requests you may have, we’d be happy to send them up for you.

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Great thank you for passing these requests on

Hi all

In my opinion what we need urgently:

  • ONE Stop-Button for all speakers. If you have a lot of speakers it takes quite a time to go to all of them and stop playing (in the app).
  • Tool to support an installation which is not in your WLAN (we are letting a house far away with a lot of speakers - no chance to support it and tenants are complaining).


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Ideally up-firing rear speakers and DTS support to go along side the Arc would be perfect. It’s sold as a home theatre device, rather than pure music, so there should be other options to go alongside it. 

It’s the same reason why I won’t buy a Samsung TV, the fact they won’t introduce Dolby Vision. It will also be the same reason why if Sonos doesn’t address DTS, I’ll be binning them off next on the next audio upgrades.