Projector wireless connection to Beam?

I have a projector setup with the audio connected to a beam using a HDMI cable - works well. However I now need to hide the cables...
Before I resort to abusing my walls (the house is very old) I was hoping someone would have a solution to a more wireless option? I've tried a "wirelesstv2" however that didnt work.
Would a sonos amp wired up to the projector and then grouped with the beam work? Would it introduce too much delay?
Any other bright ideas...?
Thanks in advance,

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Bumping in the hope someone might have a good idea...
I'd say the lack of responses is indicative of no great solution.

No, a Sonos Amp wired to the projector and then grouped with the Beam wouldn't work.
Thanks for response I didn't see you had replied :-/...
I would have thought a lot of people would have similar issues, i guess will have to just run the wire...
I am looking to run a projector Beam combo off my laptop for outdoor movies this summer. Do you have any recommendations on projector that works well with the Beam?

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