connecting all speakers to tv

  • 26 November 2022
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This has probably bin covered alot so apologise I'm new to sonos 

Iv bought an arc sl ones a gen 3 sub and a 5 

And i cant get them all the play what I'm play on my oled lg tv can I get some help please


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9 replies

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Vous n'avez aucun son TV même sur la arc?

La musique fonctionne ?


Comment est branchée votre arc?


Quel système utilisez vous pour piloter SONOS ?






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Did you follow the setup instructions? Did you get any error messages?

Have you successfully connected the Arc to the tv?

Have you set the tv to play to external speakers?

How are you connecting Arc to tv?

Have you got the Sub connected to the Arc?
Are you using the One SL’s as surrounds? 

Is the Five set up as a different “room”?

We need a bit more info to help. 

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This might help:

No error messages 

All the speakers work the arc is connected via hdmi arc on the tv

The one SLs are set as a pair not as surround

Sub is connected to arc 

And the 5 is set as a different room

But when the TV is playing all that works is the arc and sub

Also how do you turn the arc off when just want tv speaker because when I change it on to tv speaker on the tv it changes it back to the arc on it's own?

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If you want all speakers to play the same you need to group the “rooms”:

Is it your choice to not bond the One SL’s as surrounds but pair them as a stereo set? To ad the One SL’s as surrounds you need to unpair them first.

The Arc taking back control is an HDMI-CEC feature. You solve this by turning off CEC on your TV (LG calls it Simplink). To ad the One SL’s as surrounds you need to unpair them first.

Ah ok  thank you so much when you know you know. . I went for sonos as my go to new sound system because of the sound quality I wanted something different in my new extension. Its just getting use to the app and navigating it thanks again 

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avec les tv lg il faut faire attention à la sortie audio, il vaut mieux laissé en PCM.

avec les tv lg il faut faire attention à la sortie audio, il vaut mieux laissé en PCM.

  • It’s better to leave the DTV audio setting to ‘Auto’ to allow the TV to select the best codec available for the playing audio.
  • Set the HDMI input audio format to bitstream unless your looking to pass-though multichannel LPCM to play unsupported codecs like DTS:X/HD rather than a Dolby format, in which case then select PCM for the HDMI input source only.
  • For digital sound out on the Arc (audio return channel) select ‘pass-through’ rather than auto or PCM otherwise you may end up with 2 channel stereo when playing a Dolby Digital surround source.
  • The option to use ARC/eARC depends if you are seeking to play uncompressed audio, such as LPCM or Dolby TrueHD (w/wo Atmos) - it should be fine on eARC however, as the standard is backward compatible, although it seems some TV’s have issues, but works fine for me on the LG C9 TV