Arc TV sound cuts in and out.

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Just got the Arc and have it paired with 2 Play:1’s and a gen 3 sub. 
Samsung Q80R tv. 

The sound from the tv will play for around 5 seconds and then cut out for around 1 second, play for 5, out for 1, on and on. 

I’ve swapped out the hdmi cable twice, tried unplugging the tv, switched between PCM and DD+ and switched between different apps on the tv. 

The sonos app shows that I am getting an atmos signal  

Was running a beam with the Play:1’s (but no sub) before just fine.


Not sure what I should try next.


Thank you,



Best answer by Corry P 9 March 2021, 17:51

Thank you all for all your efforts and testing. A system update has now been released which also include a fix to this issue (it disables the Sonos “screensaver” on an Arc if connected to a Samsung TV). Please update your Sonos systems. If you’re still experiencing problems after updating, please let us know.

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Ok, unplugging and plugging back in the Arc fixed it. 

go figure. 

Having a similar issue here, not so much the repeated cutting in and out, but more like working fine and then not. Turning the tv off and then on again got sound out of the Arc once again. Only seems to happen with Prime so far. Totally random though. 



Same issue with my Sony Bravia.  Seems to only happen with Netflix but I don’t watch prime much. Seems just fine on Plex. Really random and it’s super annoying. Last night was the first night it only happened once about 17 min into “The Crown”. After that there were a few moments where it would cut out for a second but just for a split second and wouldn’t require me turning the TV off and on.  I’ve tried switching the HDMI cables and my arc is on Ethernet with the WiFi disabled just to make sure that wasn’t the issue.

Same issue with Arc + Samsung Q95T. Unplug sonos from power & after reconnect need to disable/enable hdmi+cec to get the sound working again. Had the Arc for about a week now and this just started happening yesterday.

debug file: 1854521829


Same here.  Had it about a week and it just started cutting out today.  Samsung Q90T.  Unplugging it fixed it for now.  Please fix Sonos!


I’m also getting the same issue intermittently, I’ve switched cables, plugged in numerous times, and still get the same problem. 

Hello guys, 

Same issue here with my SONY Bravia xbr49x800d but also sometimes the image is also cutting out for a fraction of a second. It never happen before with my Playbar.

The ARC is plugged into the TV HDMI ARC port.


@Ryan S Do you have any recommendations to solve this problem?


Ill throw my hat in, slightly different but same annoying issue. Everything works fine except occasionally on channel change (tivo which worked flawlessly on playbase), no audio. When it stops going back to working channel has no effect, it just stops. I have found if you just leave it be it will eventually start again but sometimes it can take several minutes which feels like an eternity. Also occasionally on input swap but that is much less frequent.

I have same issue every now and again, turn on and the soundbar sound cuts in and out. Unplugging soundbar does fix it but i don't want to have to do this regularly - is there a permanent fix for this? Can Sonos address this?

I have the Arc and Samsung QE55Q85R, connected via HDMI Arc via the Samsung's One Connect box. 

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I had my mom order the Arc, and this is happening at her place for the third time today.  Each time I have to go over and unplug the sound bar, plug it back in and the issue goes away for about 5-6 days.  I told her today this was a problem others were having with their Arc’s, but since I have not seen anything from Sonos addressing the issue, that it may be time to send it back.

Just received my Arc today and the audio goes in and out on my Samsung Q07T. 
troubleshoot ticket #: 1753647283

Experiencing same issue. No problems with my 8 series Samsung and arc. Just upgraded to Samsung Q9 and audio cuts out usually in the morning after my tv has been off for an extended time. Seems to be very random. When I unplug the arc tv audio is fine through the tv speaker. 

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Just received my Arc today and the audio goes in and out on my Samsung Q07T. 
troubleshoot ticket #: 1753647283

We are also having the issue with Samsung Q7T.  I will run diagnostics as soon as it happens again.

Samsung Q90T with Arc connected via eARC HDMI connection. Same issue here as well. Very random, usually when TV is first turned on. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it cuts out on and off for random periods of time. I’ve tried changing inputs, settings, HDMI cords, apps, used Samsung TV and Apple TV 4K and when the issue is occurring, it occurs no matter what I’m using or doing. As random as it starts, it just randomly ends as well. I have not unplugged the Arc power cord and plugged it back in but will try that for now if it happens again. Very annoying issue to say the least. Once it starts working, it’ll be fine for hours and hours for me and will only happen again once I turn the TV off and then turn it back on later on or the next morning (or sometimes is fine). 

I’ll submit an IT ticket as well. 

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Seems to be the same issue I am having with my LG OLED, randomly the arc will drop connection, return to TV speakers and then the arc will come back on, annoying AF !!


Same for me but as above, mine is Samsung c9 oled. 
Perfect on the playbar via optical of course but had this for 3 days and every thing I try is the same. 
Also, really bad cut outs on play sl on both sonosnet and Wi-Fi. 
Was perfect for years but now…....


This is happening a couple times a day. Sony XBR75X950H. Most the time it is working and then it cuts out completely, while other times it will be choppy where it cuts out every couple of seconds (and eventually it will just cut out completely). I have to power cycle. This is very annoying.

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I went back into the “Premium” Sonos store that I purchased my gear from and they suggested I spend $140 on a new HDMI cable.  Once I work out how to lodge a fault with Sonos (think it requires a phone call).  Incidentally the people at the store did say they have heard the arc does have these issues so maybe the hdmi cable provided is not up to standard or they are working on a software fix

I can assure you it isn’t the HDMI cable. That store just wants your money.

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Hi Bruce, I suspect the same but how do you/I actually know whether there is a dodgy batch of HDMI cables getting around?

I guess we don’t. How do we know it’s not a dodgy issue with your TV? Or the power your home is supplied by your power company? Or a software issue? Or sunspots?

Feel free to spend the extra money on new HDMI cables, but if it were me, I’d be sure that there’s a money back guaranty if it doesn’t change anything.

And unless that cable is forty feet or more, it’s overpriced. 

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I couldn’t agree more Bruce, thanks for the advice and time though 👍🏻


I’m having the same issue, started about a week back, now happens every day at least once per day.  Seems this is happening across alot of the products including ARC, Beam etc.  If I get told to reset it or chaceck my cables, this will be going back INSTANTLY.  Sonos needs to recognize this is a problem and give an ETA of a fix or I’ll just send it back and cancel my other product orders that are backordered.

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Hi. I experienced the same issue yesterday. It was like the Arc had frozen. TV audio kicked in. The white light on the Arc flashed quickly for over a minute and then the Arc kicked back in. 

Mine is connected to a 2020 model Sony A85.