Arc TV sound cuts in and out.

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Just got the Arc and have it paired with 2 Play:1’s and a gen 3 sub. 
Samsung Q80R tv. 

The sound from the tv will play for around 5 seconds and then cut out for around 1 second, play for 5, out for 1, on and on. 

I’ve swapped out the hdmi cable twice, tried unplugging the tv, switched between PCM and DD+ and switched between different apps on the tv. 

The sonos app shows that I am getting an atmos signal  

Was running a beam with the Play:1’s (but no sub) before just fine.


Not sure what I should try next.


Thank you,



Best answer by Corry P 9 March 2021, 17:51

Thank you all for all your efforts and testing. A system update has now been released which also include a fix to this issue (it disables the Sonos “screensaver” on an Arc if connected to a Samsung TV). Please update your Sonos systems. If you’re still experiencing problems after updating, please let us know.

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Thank you all for all your efforts and testing. A system update has now been released which also include a fix to this issue (it disables the Sonos “screensaver” on an Arc if connected to a Samsung TV). Please update your Sonos systems. If you’re still experiencing problems after updating, please let us know.

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Seems to be the same issue I am having with my LG OLED, randomly the arc will drop connection, return to TV speakers and then the arc will come back on, annoying AF !!

Same issue with Arc + Samsung Q95T. Unplug sonos from power & after reconnect need to disable/enable hdmi+cec to get the sound working again. Had the Arc for about a week now and this just started happening yesterday.

debug file: 1854521829

I have same issue every now and again, turn on and the soundbar sound cuts in and out. Unplugging soundbar does fix it but i don't want to have to do this regularly - is there a permanent fix for this? Can Sonos address this?

I have the Arc and Samsung QE55Q85R, connected via HDMI Arc via the Samsung's One Connect box. 

Copied from a similar thread on Sansungs website:


“I got today the confirmation of Samsung that Sonos and Samsung work together on the issue. A software update can be expected in March according to the Samsung Support.”

I have spoken with Sonos and Samsung customer service in the last couple of days. After initially being fobbed off by both, I got to people who knew what was going on. And they gave the same answer, separately - that they acknowledge the issue between Sonos and Samsung and that their engineers are working on it together. Also that they have identified the issue and that it will be fixed soon through a firmware update on the TV end.


So, who knows how soon, or how hard they’re working on it but getting the exact same answer from both companies independently seems to be a cause for hope… 

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New Sonos owner here.  Love the ARC and accompanying 3rd gen sub, however, I started to get the same issue today.  All of us here seem to have different TV brands and models with the same exact problem, so it may be safe to say that it’s not an issue with our TV or it’s firmware.  Could there be an issue with the ARC itself?  Can this be resolved through a software update.  I love the sound these speaker produce, but I am tempted to return and wait until the kinks get worked out and repurchased later.  Spending this amount of money, I do not want to have to power cycle and replug the ARC in order for it to work properly.  Please provide a permanent fix. 

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Ok, unplugging and plugging back in the Arc fixed it. 

go figure. 

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Totally echo the points above re an update on this issue being required. Dropping output from anything other than atmos is not a solution as the arc is meant to be the Sonos Atmos solution and is the reason I purchased one in the first place. I don’t think it is acceptable at this price point.


I am personally considering returning the Arc and potentially getting out of the Sonos ecosystem altogether if I have to go for a different Atmos solution. 


I am getting the intermittent 10 second drop out of sound regularly on my ARC with a Sony 2020 XH90. Running most up to date firmware on both devices. It has certainly happened more since the Sony firmware update to enable 2.1 HDMI.

I have just fallen into the Sonos black hole with the abysmal Arc soundbar not working as advertised with a new ‘flagship’ Samsung TV. I suffer intermittent sound, and a compete lack of dolby Atmos and cinema sound (from suitable sources), and lacklustre sound in various combinations. Having now tripped across this support forum, not only do i discover the problems are common and well known, far worse, they have existed for months, and months. How on earth can Sonos sell equipment that is well known not to work in a very large number of setups, and make no mention of that fact in the sales process - in my view thats criminal.

Having driven to suppliers after many hours of research, coughed up my hard earned cash, I then spent many hours trying to fix it, inc fulfilling requests from Sonos support, reconfiguring setups, buying new Hdmi cables as requested (at my cost) and the only option i am now offered is to return it. No offer of timescales for a fix, no recompense for the time, money and effort wasted, and no recognition that Sonos really messed up on this.


Their remains the Sonos statement that it is a Samsung problem, really, as well as LG, Sony, JVC which apparently have the same problems? The final irritation - a client has an identical TV which on all counts works 100% correctly with a non Sonos sound system, boy do I regret having a house full of Sonos equipment…


Seems to me that after more than 6 months Sonos needs to offer a timetable for a fix, or i for one will simply have some old equipment that still doesn't quite work, what an appalling situation...



Although I couldn't agree more about finally getting a fix for this, there are some workarounds that work for me, and at least makes me enjoy Atmos without any intermissions.

First in settings > sound > advanced settings:

  • Your eARC mode should be set to “off”, otherwise there will be no sound at all
  • Atmos compatibility can be set to “on”

Whenever you startup your TV and experience sound dropping intermittently you should go to settings > Sound > Advanced settings and then toggle the Atmos compatibility to off and back to on. 

In my case that seem to do the trick and I experience unintermittent sound. Also, when I play atmos content via the built in Netflix app, the Sonos app will tell me that it receives Dolby Atmos.

The downside: I need to do this every day, and I still think it should just support eARC. 
I would expect that for a 3000 EUR combination this should just work. 


Update: after posting I decided to check the firmware on my Samsung Frame TV and found out there was an update (1460.9). After updating I was able to turn on eARC without loss of sound. But initially the sound drops were still there so decided to reboot both TV and ARC. For now the sound was there and I managed to play Atmos via eARC. (Sounds great BTW!) Now let's check if intermittent sound drops are fixed as well. Keep you updated

With the new Sonos 13.0 and Samsung 1497.0 firmware, I am experiencing issues with the sound cutting like once every 10 minutes for a few seconds. Seems like this still haven't been fully fixed yet. Is anyone else experiencing this same issue ?

I’m having a ‘The Frame 2020’ TV running Netflix via an Apple TV4K.


I’m also still having this same issue under the 13.0 update with my Q80T.  I’m about to throw the flag in and use the optical adapter.

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@Krishma M I think an update from the engineering team is overdue regarding this issue. Could you reassure Sonos Arc buyers that a fix is indeed coming soon?

I have this problem as well, i have a Arc with a Samsung Frame 75in TV and its been cutting in and out once every week or so, but its getting worse and is now happening every other day.  The only thing I can do is turn the arc off and on again.

This patch seems to be taking for ever, very frustrating that they have known about this problem for 8-months now and its still not fixed with obviously hundreds/thousands affected.  Spent a lot of money on the setup (for me) and didn’t think I would be having to stick my hand down the back of the TV unit to reboot every other day!!

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It’s so embarrassing that I brag on how advanced my setup is that I can reboot my arc to get it to fricking work with a google home voice command to trip the smart plug off and on.  Cmon Sonos, get the fix out sometime before this pandemic is over!!!  Sheesh

I have a Sonos Arc + Sub connected to my Samsung QEQ95T QLED TV and getting very frustrated with sound compatibility. The issue is that every time I turn the TV on, the sound is intermittent (1sec off, 3secs on). I’ve tried changing inputs, settings, HDMI cords, apps, used Samsung TV and Apple TV 4K and when the issue is occurring, it occurs no matter what I’m using or doing. The way to cure this is to go into the expert sound compatibility menu and toggle 'Amos compatibility on or off', as well as replugging the HDMI. I have checked all the usual HDMI cable which is plugged into the e-ARC socket of the TV. Is there a problem with the software communicating with any of the TV's? There seems to be a lot of internet chatter about this problem so it is not just myself. Would anyone investigate this software problem before I return my superb Sonos sound. 

Could you source a Samsung/LG TV and replicate the fault as many on here have experienced, with a view to solving the problem. Having read most of these entries, this is a very common fault, probably software. Please lets fix it!

I’ll submit an IT ticket as well. 

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Hey about fixing the issue many are having with the ARC audio drop and sending us all an email on your progress and fix, and stop sending an email of free 6 months of Disney+ with the purchase of more speakers.

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Its not fixed!!! Literally the first time i switch to my cable channels the sound drops completely. I had to switch eARC off and on for the audio to come back.

This is not ok! 


I got really excited hearing about a software update that would fix this issue. I have a high end samsung TV and got the ARC on release day, The ARC and the TV are a continual bad mix whenever the TV is turned on - the sound cuts in and out. 

I used to unplug the HDMI and replug in with fingers crossed that it would work, sometimes having to do that multiple times. However I have found that going into the Samsung sound menu and changing the settings every time will fix it without the unplugging.

I usually have to toggle atmos compatibility to off, or to on, and that gets sound steady. Occasionally I can set the eARC to Auto, but usually it needs to be Off.

I have pass-through enabled.

Curiously, the SONOS app will tell me I am getting atmos even if the eARC is off...however, most of the time I will just be getting a steady sound of standard type but at least it is not cutting in and out.

The thing is, that is such a pain to do that I have ended up disconnecting the ARC from the tv and using built in speakers with the ARC becoming effectively an expensive brick. Sure, I can use it for music but I already have speakers for that.

I have read, written and enquired about this many times and it seems to be a known issue to the community but almost always greeted with surprise by SONOS staff. It doesn’t need a diagnostic when it is blindingly obvious that it is a known, back to the beginning of this post...apparently there is a software fix. Please push it out to all. My software is right up to date being 12.2.6 so if there is something new please hurry up. I spent £800 on this on day of release last year. I know Samsung have some hand in this and that their customer support is very difficult to engage but SONOS, if you have something do please give it to your loyal customers without the pretence of surprise...

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Just wanted to let everyone know that Sonos sent me a replacement Arc. After 5 hours , it also had an audio drop off issue when I was watching tv then switched to Netflix. I’m wondering if it’s the tv’s now and not the Arc’s. 

What you’re seeing is that you didnt have a faulty Arc - they are all bad!  It’s not the TV’s fault, there is a clear design flaw with the Arc that we are all waiting for news on a fix.

Um, I’m not paying $800 for a sound bar and un plugging it and plugging it back in every 3-4 days so it works without disruption.


i need a fix.



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Sonos, is there an ETA for pushing 12.2.3????

I am having exact same issue: sound cuts out every 4-5 secs for one sec

Brand new arc

Brand new Samsung QT70 

I have to unplug and re plug Arc to fix, occurs daily 

This is clearly a Sonos issue. 

I have been Sonos user for over 5-6 years. i have absolutely loved my SL Play Ones from day one, to the point where i bought four of them, I have recommend Sonos to every person I can, i finally decided to commit fully to Sonos as my entertainment system and bought an Arc, Sub, and boost. I understand new products can have issues, but I am pretty disheartened with Sonos products after such a financial commitment, hoping this can be resolved

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Samsung are still investigating my issue, but as so much equipment works correctly with their TV’s they might not change anything.  As I mentioned, a client has a system that works fine (Not a Sonos soundbar!) and whilst Samsung (and Sonos) accept their is an issue, I am not sure Samsung see it as their issue TBH?


I have seen owners with Samsung, JVC, Phillips, and Sony TV’s reporting issues with the Sonos arc and sound. In my situation, cycling the power on the Sonos at least gives me sound - but its like stepping back 30 years!

Sony owner here and had the same issue. Sony , not Sonos , came out with a software update that has fixed the issue. I have read that Samsung has also had a software update that fixes the issue. It’s not a Sonos issue. 

(this post mostly for following - nothing new here :-) )


Recieved the ARC 5.1 system yesterday - updated via the app.

Connected to a QE65Q80T with 1460.9 firmware.


watched a movie with dolby atmos (Greenland) and got four or five 1-2 seconds audio droputs during the movie.


Hopping the patch will be released as soon as possible.

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I just got a notification saying the post has been updated with a “Best Answer” from KrishnaM.

I do agree that’s the “Best Answer” currently available but can we please leave this marked Open since the solution is not solved - even in Krishna’s post, it says “we are working with them to address the issue”

Clearly it is not solved yet.