Airplay "Unable to connect"

  • 4 September 2020
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I have a Sonos One in the living room and Sonos One SL in the bedroom.

When I am playing songs from my phone (iOS 13.3.1), airplay to either speaker won’t work.

The error message I get is > Unable to connect to “Living Room”.

However, when I airplay to Apple TV, it works!


Any kind soul can help what’s wrong? I try restart my router, speakers and phone. It doesn’t work at all.


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32 replies

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Hi @Liz Dao 

As you have UniFi, I recommend you disable Airtime Fairness on your UniFi system. Reboot Sonos afterwards and test. 

I hope this helps.

The only thing I found to resolve the AirPlay connect issue was to delete the iOS app and reinstall it & start from scratch. Hard resetting the devices had no effect. 

I still get loads of crackling at the start of every track played on Apple Music or Spotify and the quality of surround sound changing throughout playing a track, its so bad I’m sure it will at some point damage the speakers and I shan’t be getting another Sonos set then.

I have an issue with using airplay, but, it works via spotify. I’ve tried everything! My diagnostic report is here960798441, any help is appreciated as I have thousands of songs on Apple Music but am forced to use the Sonos radio app instead!  

In most cases, issues with AirPlay 2 are device dependent. Every time I have had an issue, a full reboot of either my iPhone, or iPad, has resolved the issue. It hasn’t, so far over the last three years, been an issue with Sonos.

That being said, if you have an Apple Music subscription, why bother with AirPlay 2, why not just set up the Apple Music subscription in the Sonos controller?

To report back, Sonos found a hardware failure and have since replaced the speaker. Fantastic customer service in my experience! 

Same issues here.


One room, one Beam, two One.


I have tried all the ideas mentioned (as far as possible), even deactivated the 5GHz network that would be a huge loss just like reducing 2GHz bandwidth to 20 instead of 20/40 auto.

How can this still be an issue?


I use Apple HomeKit for everything else and it works like a charm.


Do I need to reset all three, then:

  1. configure Beam
  2. Add One
  3. Add One
  4. configure Surround


Get in touch with support, they deemed ours as faulty hardware and replaced the speaker, pretty efficiently too.