Sonos speakers not showing in Spotify app

  • 27 February 2023
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This has not previously been an issue for me but since i switched phone (OnePlus 7 on Android 11 to OnePlus 11 on Android 13) a week ago i have had issues with my Sonos speakers not appearing in my Spotify app.

I can usually fix the issue by reauthorizing my Spotify app in Sonos S2 but this is quite irritating to have to do on a daily basis.

Ive tried most things i can think of. Reconnecting my speakers, power cycles, uninstall and reinstall app...nothing seems to give me a permanent fix.

No network changes has been performed.

Pls help!



I just pulled out my old OnePlus 7t on Android 12. It had been reset to stock, so loggede into Google account and installed the Spotify app. Straight away all my Sonos speakers appeared in the app.


So my best guess is that the issue is isolated to my new phone with Android 13, OnePlus 11.


Anyone with similar experience?


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Hi @DPE1983,

Since you’re only seeing this issue on the one controller, it would appear the issue is likely due to settings or something on the network preventing your OnePlus 11 from seeing the Sonos speakers in the Spotify app.

I’d suggest making sure your OnePlus 11 has all the required Sonos app permissions allowed. I’d also recommend checking if there are any Spotify app permissions that may be denied on your controller.

If permissions look fine, then I’d suggest reaching out to our support team for further assistance as they have the tools necessary to help troubleshoot this with you.


Hi. Thanks for replying.

My Sonos app has all possible permissions, so does the Spotify app.

Is there a way of emailing support?


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Hi @DPE1983,

There isn’t a way of emailing them directly, you’ll need to first contact them via live chat or phone.

You can ask them to set up an email case for you after you contact them.

I hope this helps!

I have the same issue here with my OnePlus11. It was not an issue with my OnePlus Nord. I think its due to Android 13. 


When I start with Sonos than I see the speakers in the Spotify app. Starting with Spotify doesnt show the Sonos speakers. And if, it will disappear soon. Please share your finds here. 


Same here. Sonos not showing in Spotify since I have the Samsung S23Ultra. Only way to show them is to reboot my router. Already unplugged all the Sonos products and reinstalled the app.

Today, I have contacted Sonos about this issue, with at least the OnePlus 11. The conclusion after a long chat and some data sharing: Sonos didn’t know there was an issue or that it was an issue at the Community at all, and in the end it’s not an issue they can solve... They are going to check again my logs with their technical staff, but I don’t expect a serious break through from this.

I’m using SPOTIFY to play through SONOS from my Galaxy S20 FE using Android 13 without issues.

I’m curious. Is your phone’s firmware maintained directly from the manufacturer or through your service provider? I had issues with very delayed updates by the service provider on a previous phone. I was at least weeks behind general updates. I bought this phone directly from SAMSUNG and it is kept current by SAMSUNG. My main concern now is that SAMSUNG is attempting to mine more data from me than I’m comfortable with. I’m just ignoring most of their custom Apps.

On my phone and iPad all of my SONOS players and a 3rd party A/V unit are visible to SPOTIFY. Further, I can freely jump between SPOTIFY Apps, the A/V App, and another 3rd party control App that I’m working with. The only quirk is that I can only play SPOTIFY on a single device. In my opinion this is a reasonable restriction. I can certainly Group SONOS Rooms with the Room that SPOTIFY is playing through. I could do similar with the A/V receiver’s platform. I can’t simultaneously play SPOTIFY through SONOS and the A/V receiver.

Maintained from the manufacturer. 

When I start with Sonos than I see the speakers in the Spotify app. Starting with Spotify doesnt show the Sonos speakers. And if, it will disappear soon. Please share your finds here. 


I notice a quirk as I switch between my 3rd party Apps and the SPOTIFY App. The SPOTIFY App does not always remember the previous device that SPOTIFY was playing through. If I ask a 3rd party App to play SPOTIFY, the connection is correctly made, but if I open the SPOTIFY App ‘cold’, SPOTIFY will play on the controller device and I must manually direct SPOTIFY to play on my SONOS or A/V system.

With respect to SONOS, SONOS simply provides a free API that music services must use if they want their service to be available to SONOS users. SONOS will test the API for gross issues and, if approved, the service will be added to the supported list. The service must maintain its own use of the API. I notice that SPOTIFY is rather stingy with its use of the SONOS API and mostly just directs SONOS to launch the SPOTIFY App and transfers SPOTIFY control to the SPOTIFY App. The SONOS controller can execute basic commands, such as PLAY, PAUSE, Volume, and a few others, but  more complicated commands must be executed by the SPOTIFY App.

As a quick test while I’m writing this, I opened the SONOS controller and attempted to “Resume” (SPOTIFY’s term) a SPOTIFY session that was paused hours ago. SONOS sent some sort of command  API command (probably a ‘Play’) and SPOTIFY struggled with this for too many seconds, first attempting to start the track that was last playing. The previous artwork was displayed, the time progress bar started advancing, but there was no audio. There seemed to be a second attempt at restarting the track, then a new track’s artwork was fetched, but still no sound, followed by a successful restart. My interpretation is that the SONOS command forced a launch of the SPOTIFY App in the background and the SPOTIFY App had not yet established communication with the SPOTIFY servers. At times I’ll notice that  SPOTIFY will similarly stumble if I directly launch the SPOTIFY App.

So far, the SPOTIFY App has always been able to show and link to my SONOS devices and the A/V receiver. Note that, depending on their age, some SONOS devices can accept Airplay 2 streams. This interaction is different and Airplay will only show compatible devices that it is aware of. While Airplay is extremely popular, I’m not familiar with all of its quirks because I use it only on a “kick the tires” basis.

I also think it’s due to Sonos their API in combination with Android 13. All my other devices (Android and Apple) are showing other speakers (including the Sonos Playbase and Play 5 in my house) in the Spotify app...

Having same issues after upgrading from a Oneplus 6 (Spotify x Sonos wasn't perfect but it worked all in all).

Sonos app directly works fine but I really dislike the Spotify experience on there. 

A few other things I've noticed:

- Spotify is finding my Google Home Mini generally fine so doesn't look like a WiFi issue

- My laptop (2022 Macbook Pro) connects to Spotify fine and when I last tried to connect that way then switched to phone the connection started working again. So in a way a fix, albeit not an ideal one

- When playing Spotify via Sonos app then trying to play direct on Spotify (via phone speaker) all playback stops and Sonos alerts me that Spotify account "is in use elsewhere"


Help! We need fix ASAP 

Same issue here, recently upgraded my OP7pro running A11 to OP11 phone running A13. After some investigation, can confirm the issue is specific to OxygenOS A13 only. My workaround has been, reboot phone then launch Spotify app within the first minute, phone will see the network connected Sonos speakers etc for the first 8 or 10 minutes. Shortly thereafter, the Sonos devices will disappear from Spotify connect and not be available / visible again until another phone reboot is done. I read somewhere online recently, the issue might be due to A13 having its own built-in media player (sorry no linked source). Does anybody with Pixel 7 have this issue too? Has anybody found a different temporary workaround? 

I am also having the same issue with my OnePlus 11 Pro and upgrading to Android 13.  This is not an issue on my iPhone or via desktop. In addition, its not just Sonos devices but I cannot see my Roku devices which I was also able to play spotify music through.

I also got this problem with my Oneplus 11.

It worked for a while, I have Sonis boxed everywhere, none are showing up anymore. In the sonos app it works(but the app is not nice to use). On my girlfriends iphone it's working thriugh spotify. I can see my TV and my google chromecast always though.


Very frustrating issue.. I've deleted the app once, cleared cashe, restarted phone, .... Once I had everything show up, but later it was gone again.

And like magic, mine is now working again. And nice and responsive too.

Same issue with my S23 Ultra. Have deleted both Sonos and Spotify but no luck.


Alexa through the Sonos works with Spotify and I can access Spotify through the Sonos app just annoyingly I can't select any Sonos speaker from Spotify itself.

Hmm I suspect this has something to do with mesh networking. I have a few Eero 6 Pros dotted around the house and noticed that when my phone was connected to the same device as the Sonos, they all showed up on Spotify.


Seems to be a weird bug.

I have same issue after upgrading to Samsung s23 ultra. Permissions all set. If I restart my phone I can see speakers but then after a whole they go. I think it's when alexa is used to connect to sonos but not 100% on that. Anyone know how to report to Spotify? 

I tried sooo many things, can't get it fixed after months of trying.

I have the Oneplus 11, fully updated all apps. 

@Benji872 does restarting your phone have them show back up each time by any chance? Do you use smart home equipment out of interest?

@Benji872 does restarting your phone have them show back up each time by any chance? Do you use smart home equipment out of interest?

Exactly, when i restart, everything is back for a short time.


I have samsung smart things with some sensors and stuff, my sonos speakers are on there too. Could that be the link ?

I have samsung TVs, I don’t really use the features though to be fair. I didn’t get this issue with my Samsung S21+ though it’s only since I went onto Samsung 23+ - can’t remember if my S21 was android 13… 🤔

Same issue on the OP11 here. 

Anyone found a solution yet? 😊

Restart phone works for me. It sucks though

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Same here. Tried deleting both apps. My gf with iPhone can use Spotify connect to our Sonos speakers. My samsung ultra 23 doesn't show them. 


I can help with all troubleshooting required.