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  • 3 February 2024
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Hi, all,

I recently inherited a system of Gen 1 Play:5s and a Connect amp. I struggled a bit to get things set up, but Sonos support was extremely helpful! The S1 app on my iPhone and my iPad both see all the devises.

Now, however, I wanted to add my wife’s phone, an android. When you first fire up S1, it gives only two options: build a new system or join one. I can choose “Join an existing system,” and get to the stage where I’ve pressed the two buttons on a nearby device for her phone to look for, but it never gets beyond that point. Eventually the device times out.

Any suggestions?


Best answer by Airgetlam 3 February 2024, 19:09

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2 replies

Does this Android phone have some sort of work profile, VPN, or port blocking software on it? Any of those could keep the S1 controller app from connecting. Also, potential issues could be WiFi being turned off, or connecting to a different mesh puck than your own phone, depending on how a mesh system is hooked up.

Thank you for the suggestions, @Airgetlam . No, the app was smart enough to prompt us to remove VPN during setup. But...turning off the second puck in our 2-part mesh network did the trick. Thank you for helping!