Amazon Music Unlimited now HD now many not all encoded incorrectly??

  • 6 July 2020
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Two One(Gen 1)’s wired ethernet in bedroom.  Amazon Music Unlimited.  My Music custom playlists of Amazon songs built/played over past few years using iPhone 7/8/11 with their latest iOS and Sonos (S1) worked great.

Yesterday, upgraded to Amazon Music HD.  Now most custom playlist songs get “The Song …. is unable to play - not encoded correctly, odd songs do, e.g. :

yes . Keith Urban / Greatest Hits / Stupid Boy

not. Tim McGraw / Damn Country Music / Humble and Kind

True for most songs on several custom playlists I tried.  On all Amazon Playlists I saved straight (no custom) to My Sonos every song worked!

Fixes tried :

  1. in Amazon Music app settings set quality to “standard”.
  2. in S1 app re-authorized Amazon service.
  3. installed S2 app.
  4. reauthorize Amazon service.
  5. searched community.

I’m really stuck, didn’t want to call just yet and am hoping for a fix.


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8 replies

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“not encoded correctly” is really ERROR_FILE_CORRUPT which is often caused by the network failing to deliver the packets reliably, or in a timely fashion. However as your players are wired, this seems unlikely. Suggest getting a diagnostic and posting it here for Support to look into. It is of course possible that Amazon actually have corrupted files, I guess.


Thanks for your prompt response.

  1. The only way I know to get a diagnostic report is by sending it directly from the phone to SONOS, only if requested by SONOS.
  2. I think it has nothing to do with network or files being streamed by Amazon because

The EXACT SAME AMAZON FILE over exact same network over exact same phone.

  1. song plays perfectly when played from an Amazon Playlist saved in entirety as SONOS Playlist.
  2. song encoding message when played as saved individually, from exact same Amazon Playlist, in a custom SONOS Playlist.

So my focus seems to point to something to do with custom sonos playlists made from Amazon songs and HD.  It also does not happen with custom playlist of songs from the Relisten service.


Just created new playlist of some of same songs get “not encoded” and all play fine on it.  something about old custom playlists and move to Amazon HD.

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Did anyone else have this problem and/or find a solution? Since upgrading to Amazon HD, when I try to play an existing playlist all the songs come up as  “unable to play (song name) - the song is not encoded correctly” 

However… when I reimport the same music to the playlist it plays fine.

It appears I could simply delete and reimport all the music on my playlists, but that would be a real pain. 

So any suggestions gratefully received!

As of yesterday, my Sonos accounts interrupt each song with message “ unable to encode properly”.  Music stops, goes on to next song and message continues.

Sure would like a resolution to this. I find none online.  Advise Sonos? 

First step would be to unplug all Sonos devices, then reboot the router. When the router comes back up, plug back in all Sonos devices.

Its also worth double checking through the wifi interference FAQ. 

If those two things don’t fix it, I’d try removing Amazon from my Sonos account, and then add it back in, forcing a refresh of authentication with Amazon.

Finally, if there is no joy from any of these, I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and call Sonos Support to discuss it.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, there are more options available beyond just the diagnostic analysis. 

I upgraded to HD Music on 24th November and as of this morning all of my Sonos created playlists have been rendered useless. I contacted Support who have informed me that Sonos is designed to detect subscription changes for standard streaming, but playlists have fixed paths when they are set up, so don’t detect.

This isn’t great from a piece of equipment design for streaming. So I have two options: re-create all Sonos created playlists or downgrade my subscription again…. 

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@Davek0405  Another option: export those Sonos playlists using my app (see profile) then import them into Amazon via