Support Windows 8 RT for Surface Tablet and Windows Phone 8 for Mobile Devices

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PLEASE! Don't let us alone. You will pay a hard price, not supporting Windows RT, Windows Phone and Xbox Music. Please implement it asap on SONOS and you will not lose your drive being an innovative company. Don't make the mistake sitting only in the Apple/Android corner.... Thank's to Santa Barbara....
Get'r done Sonos dev team! We're waiting! It's great it works so well on apple products but now that msft has a great device / tablet - it's time to pioneer a music app for them and get it into the music store (which is lacking!).
PLEASE! Don't let us alone. You will pay a hard price, not supporting Windows RT, Windows Phone and Xbox Music. Please implement it asap on SONOS and you will not lose your drive being an innovative company. Don't make the mistake sitting only in the Apple/Android corner.... Thank's to Santa Barbara....
OMG , sonos and xbox music would be awesome
Wanted to add my support for this too. I'd been running the less than ideal desktop app on an Acer 500 tablet running the windows 8 rc but now I've added a Surface RT to my household and I'd love to make that my main sonos device. A metro Sonos app could be stunning, a real show case. I've all the threads re. Win 8/RT/Win Phone 8/Xbox Music and it would make sense to support them all but I like many here are desperate and an early beta release would be well received.
+1 ... its getting late for this app... we need a Surface + W8 new interface app SONOS App
I love Sonos - currently using it with RDIO and am pretty happy. However lack of support for Win8 has be reaching for other devices to operate my Sonos system. It would also be nice to support Xbox music as well. Right now I feel locked into RDIO (live in Canada). Support for Xbox music would give me some more flexibility.
Desperately need you Guys to bring forward a sonos app to the arm win8 platform. I'm so hooked into Surface, and just need you Guys (+Spotify) to fill in the gap. Please....
Sonos would make my surface RT perfect.
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Sonos - we all love you. We are called "customers". I think it's only reasonable that you give us some indication whether you are at least considering support for RT and or Windows 8 Mobile - or whether we are wasting our time hoping.
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Hello, Yes - this topic is marked as under consideration and I can tell you that support for Windows RT and / or Windows 8 Mobile are both under consideration by Sonos. Thanks!
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Thank you! Exciting.
Exciting? Not really! I can't control my Sonos system with consideration. I need a product to do that and at the moment there's absolutely 0 evidence that Sonos is serious about supporting Windows RT. So, therefore I'm seriously forced to put the idea of selling all my Sonos kit and investing with a different company 'under consideration'. Come on. Prove me wrong - shift it from under consideration to under development already!!!
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Shouldn’t be a big deal. It's more or less a copy paste if you did your homework right, developing the last edition of the Windows Client. I know, SONOS always takes the luxury, think big way. But the current Windows Client has all we need and is perfectly touchable (got it on Windows 7 with a Samsung Series 7 slate). I would advise to migrate the current Client to Windows 8/RT in Desktop mode instead of modern ui (side loading) and then developing a new modern ui compatible Client including xbox-music Integration. Consider, but not tooooooo Long please 😉
As you can see here on ask sonos, nearly all customer Feedback is "under consideration". Dont get me wrong, but it is absolutely not acceptable that sonus is not able to give professionellf feedback. Tell us if and when. There is no "choice process". You will or you will not provide a solution for next gen Windows. So, please stop teling us that a solution is 'under consideration'. That was really not a good answer from sonos for there customers.
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Having a Windows 8 PC, Windows 8 Laptop, Surface with Windows 8 RT, Windows Phone 8, this would be a killer app for me.
What, no SONOS app for Windows RT? SERIOUSLY? How am I supposed to control my Sonos, now that the CR controllers are no longer offered? Bad language and shakey fists?
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I have been dying for a Sonos app for all of the newer Windows platforms just like everyone else here and have been wondering why it has not happened yet. Without the intent to get tomatoes thrown at me, I wanted to just post something on Sonos’ behalf to reflect what I think they must be going through. First, they do have the “standard” Windows Controller application that works really well. I cannot wait for the Surface Pro to be released because my Surface RT desperately lacks an equivalent. Secondly, they have supported accessing the content stores on Windows-based PCs using UPnP technologies for quite some time, and they just got around to releasing that functionality for the Apple solutions. Thirdly, one of the things we love about Sonos is that they do create such a great experience. That takes a lot of time on the front-end from a design and architectural standpoint. Finally, keep in mind that we are not asking for just one thing from them either. Look at what they are facing now with the barrage of Microsoft products that just hit the market. Windows Phone 8 – Regrettably, I can see why they were hesitant to release a Windows Phone 7 client. It is a small market share with a known end-of-life with the Windows 8 platform. Now that they finally know what is in Windows Phone 8 and finally have the development kit, it is just a matter of time. However, Windows Phone 8 is a completely different animal and they cannot just do a simple port of the legacy Windows Controller to this platform. Windows Store Applications (for Windows RT) – Once again, this is a brand new platform with different rules for User Interface design. Additionally, to do it right, they need to leverage the touch interface, which is completely different than a phone. Whatever they “throw out there” strategically and architecturally needs to be supported as it gets updated over time. They want to get it right, not just make another crappy Metro app. Hmmm; I wonder what you could do with the digitizer and pen built into the Surface Pro….. Xbox – I have not seen any requests for an Xbox Controller App, but I am sure they are pondering how to extend what they are doing on the other Microsoft platforms into something that will migrate fairly easily to the Xbox Dashboard. Theoretically, if you design the application properly, this port should be relatively straight forward. Once again, if they take the time to devise an application architecture properly the first time for all of the other platforms, the code should roll into Xbox, too, which takes some time and experimentation to get right. What about thinking through how the UI could support Kinect – boy, I bet they are having some pretty good discussions behind the scenes on the need to think about that. Their developers probably are going through quite a learning curve just to get started. Xbox Music – One would think that the API support for registering Partners’ streaming services would make this relatively simple to do. However, the feature set and breadth of content for Xbox Music has been a bit of a moving target since its inception. Additionally, Xbox music has several subscription models, so not all content is free once you log in. Tie that in with a whole new authentication engine through Xbox live and Microsoft authentication services, and it is a bit to wrestle with to get right. Who knows, maybe they also need to take into account how it links to the Azure APIs, too. Anyhow, we all have been beating up on Sonos to get this out yesterday. I am sure they would love to. However, another side of me says “Take the time to get the initial architecture and design right” so that it leverages the new technologies Microsoft has just brought to market. Of course, they then have to prioritize our fledgling market with all of the other features that the masses are begging for. My guess is that when the say “It is under consideration,” they mean they are going to do it, they are just considering what it is they are going to deliver soon versus what they need to deliver to get it right. As a systems integrator turning others onto the Sonos experience, we need something that works and is rock solid so we can support it in the field. That takes planning and time on their part. While we want it now, we also want the level of experience we have come to know and love from Sonos. I am sure those are their goals, too. Regards, =D- Derek R. Flickinger Interactive Homes, Inc.
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Great post - and imo spot-on
If a Windows 8/ windows RT app comes out it would be stupid to not allow Xbox Music as this is the primary thing. I'm looking at buying 6+ speakers/amp etc and won't do it if I can't actually use any of them properly
Come on SonoS get some support for Windows Phone RT and Xbox - I have 2 x Play3 1 x Play5, a sonos Amp and Sub - Sonos is great - as it just works - Please don't limit my controlling platform - You should also look at support for Windows Music - I use Spotify but would be great to have more choice
I have had my Surface RT now for a month and I am really impressed. The only let-down I feel is by Sonos for not seriously porting the controller software to the RT platform and making it compatible with XBox Music. I am an early Spotify adopter, but given the quality of XBox, I am considering migrating permanently. Incidentally, controller works fine on my Dell Windows 8 machine. PLEASE let us know where we stand on Windows RT!!! Manage expectations and give us a timeline please.
I understand that under RT side-loading is not possible, so you would have to go through the store. For Intel 8, it remains possible to side-load.
For me it is clear: if Sonos is not getting serious about supporting Windows 8 (RT) and Windows Phone, I will be leaving Sonos behind and spend my money with a manufacturer that does. I was in a trade show in Belgium the beginning of November. The Sonos rep at the show told me a Windows Phone app was coming within 2 months ... let's see how much he was lying to me in order to avoid a discussion.
Paul - let's hope the Sonos rep at the Belgian trade show knew what he was talking about. If he is right, I would imagine that a Surface RT port would also be possible. I only wished that Sonos themselves would confirm their intentions, so that customers know what they are in for. Even if there are delays, it would be good to hear that Sonos is actually working on an app.
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Yes! We need Windows Phone support and Windows 8 (metro/RT) support. (Owner of 15 sonos boxes.)