Volume Randomly Increasing to Max

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Terrifying when this happens and it happens to me all too often.  Random.  I may not even be in the room.  For god’s sake don’t leave the room with it playing unless you live alone and in the country or you may very well be living alone soon enough.



Same happening with my system. Submitted diagnostic to Sonos. 

Has happened now last two nights at nidmight. Playing from Spotify but not through the app. Using alexa to start the music on Sonos so don't think it has anything to do with mobile apps more the Sonos / Spotify service. 


When you submit a diagnostic, you must contact Sonos and give the reference #, either in this thread or directly.  A diagnostic without a reference # is going to be ignored. 

+1. It started happening about 10 days ago, give or take. This is especially irritating as a week earlier I told the neighbour off for blasting music REALLY loud during the day. Then I suddenly found myself blasting music at super high volume (Play:1s might be small but boy they’re powerful) around midnight. (You’d be surprised how shocking it can be when Enya suddenly ROARS at you...) It’s been happening during the day as well. I just started this account, because the volume jumped up twice during one song. (Not Enya’s. ;) )


Streaming from Spotify, of course, via Spotify Connect. I’m so glad there is a volume limit in the Sonos app, now when it jumps to 100% it’s actually 25%.


I like the advice someone got given by Spotify, to delete the app. I think I might do exactly that.

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Same thing.  Three times in the last five minutes.  2 x play:5 speakers grouped with a sub.  Im going to have a heart attack!

Same here. Happened a couple of times with my Samsung Tab S3. I am concerned that this will damage my Sono speakers. So loud. All the way to the max randomly.

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I signed up to Spotify today and am getting the same issue referred to above when playing from Spotify, not from the Sonos app. Mine is jumping to around 50%, not great when the kids are in bed. Will be monitoring this thread. 

It would be helpful if users would submit a Diagnostic immediately after one of these events, then post the confirmation number here.

Done. 1275438742


Took about 20 minutes from pressing play to the volume jumping up. I’ve got the max level set to 20% or something, so it won’t show in diagnostics as 100% or anywhere near (I think, I don’t know how the logs work).

I’m not a spotify subscriber, so I don’t seem to be having this issue, but I’m wondering if you delete the Spotify app from your device, and only use the Sonos controller to access Spotify, does this issue still happen?

Same thing has been happening to me as well! I went ahead and submitted diagnostics to Sonos. Gives me jump scares when it decides to jump to 100 %.

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Diagnostic id 794708529, although I've got the max volume set to around 50% but it still jumps up to that!

This issue is definitely getting worse.


I’ve got the sonos on pretty much all day, and it will happen between 5-10 times.


I will submit the diagnostics after each instance and add it to this thread. It’s happened twice in the last hour annoyingly.


That didn’t take long:

09:31GMT - 143635502 - On a laptop, spotify and sonos app’s open, multi screen set up and working on the other screen, volume went to max in spotify.

Aye, might start doing it every time it happens as well… it’s happening less, though. Because I listen to music less, especially in the evenings. Not sure whether that counts as a solution.

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Really annoying. Please fix this.

looks like i’ll have to either throw out my Sono’s or unsubscribe to spotify. unsure of which one to do yet.  My family thinks the house might be haunted with this random volume change. 

Yup same here.  With no warning when streaming from Spotify I get 100% volume out of a pair of play 1s.  I live in an apartment and have had complaints from the neighbours as this happened whilst in the shower. I take care of my equipment and don't appreciate them being thrashed  uncommanded !  Please fix with Spotify .  Surely this is one of the most common configurations these days? They may sound great but  My word do they have some problems    Not good enough  . 

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this has been happening to me, but today it's happening repeatedly. I play music from Spotify to any of my Sonos speakers and the the volume jumps to 100%.


Did we know if this is a Sonos bug or a Spotify bug?


And more importantly, is there a fix on the horizon?

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From Spotify support:

"I've checked this and can see that our best tech folks are still looking in to this, sorry to keep you waiting. I understand this must be frustrating, but hopefully it shouldn’t be too much longer for a fix."

Your confirmation number is: 1066012021 


10:29AM GMT - Jumped again, not to max in the spotify app or Sonos app ( I do have the max vol set to 70%)


Apps open on the laptop but not in focus and I wasn’t at my desk


When I opened the Sonos app though it prompted for an update, so not sure if that’s a clue.


happened again 11:06AM - 825500862 -Same circumstance, not using them.


Latest update applied so didn’t fix it:cry:


Wow this is annoying this morning…


10:29AM GMT - 1066012021 

11:06AM GMT - 825500862

11:13AM GMT - 1795524475.

11:17AM GMT - 478740751

Yeah I’m giving up logging it, it’s happening too frequently



Aye, after the last update the volume went all the way up between songs, and Björk’s ‘Innocence’ is not what you want blasted at you at full power without prior warning.

The real solution to this problem seems to be called Apple Music. I’ve been trying to keep away from it, but it looks like Spotify is bent on getting rid of me. This is neither the first nor the tenth big issue I had with Spotify in the last few years.

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Hi everyone, we’re working with Spotify on this issue still. It’ll only come up when using the Spotify app to control Sonos, and not for all systems. I’ll let you know as soon as we’ve got more information to share on a resolution.

Thanks Ryan.  As annoying as it is it's good to know that we are at least being heard. There clearly need to be more collaboration on change control between sonos and its partners  especially spotify it would seem  

Happening to me too.  Have submitted a diagnostic, ID 1722275228.


I've noticed it seems to happen to me at the same time as the the small Spotify button menu appears the top of the android swipe down menu. I don't know the terminology. Maybe Spotify Connect.

So far swiping this away every time it appears seems to eventually stop it happening - at least until the next time I launch Spotify.

Time will tell if I'm right about this.

I can confirm it started a few weeks ago. It doesn't happen if I launch Spotify songs only using my old Sonos controller. But if I then use my phone, even without launching Spotify, it happens when Spotify Connect pops up

Oh, that’s interesting! I use the laptop most of the time to control Spotify, but yes, their Android widget randomly crashes and restarts. No idea whether it’s equally bad on an iPhone.