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gruv2ths wrote:

… use the cheat sheet I made above and see if you have any of the bias converter working.
There was another guy on here with the same symptom as you and I think he gave up. Not sure what causes that.

I finally got back to this -- checked all the DC voltages and they all match your reference. Even with my fluke truerms I didn't validate the secondary but I am guessing I referenced to the wrong point. The DC busses all look OK.

I am thinking to pop off the shield can on the logic board to get at the UART. Any other thoughts? Still a solid white LED.
I lifted the shield can and connected to the UART -- here is what I get.
So I don't forget the pins are vdd,rx,tx,gnd …

U-Boot 1.1.1(1-16-3-0.9), Build: 0.9

MPC8272 Reset Status: External Soft, External Hard

MPC8272 Clock Configuration
- Bus-to-Core Mult 3x, VCO Div 4, 60x Bus Freq 16-50 , Core Freq 50-150
- dfbrg 1, corecnf 0x10, busdf 3, cpmdf 1, plldf 0, pllmf 3
- vco_out 400000000, scc_clk 100000000, brg_clk 25000000
- cpu_clk 300000000, cpm_clk 200000000, bus_clk 100000000
- pci_clk 33333333

CPU: MPC8272 (HiP7 Rev 14, Mask unknown [immr=0x0d10,k=0x00e1]) at 300 MHz
Board: Sonos Wembley
DRAM test
Test complete - 1 errors, error pattern 00400000
### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###
I went ahead and ordered 2 2DRAM parts since I don't know which is bad. Anyone tried this replacement? I might have to remove the shield. If not I'll remove the parts with hot air and then put the new ones down.

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