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I am still puzzled as to why your shorted diodes don't blow the fuse. Wonder if the common core inductor just before the diodes has been blown open?
Good news on your Play5, never tried to fix one. I have a Play3 that shuts down after a few minutes. That I will save for another day.

I couldn't detect visually any cracks in the solder joints of caps on the logic board. I don't have the oscilloscope or skill to troubleshoot the noise I'm hearing. I'm an old analog guy and digital control circuits are new to me. I'll wait until I can locate another logic board to try as a replacement. If you or anyone else on the forum has a logic board they want to sell then please let me know.
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What I meant was, look for cracked ceramic caps.
I have a spare logic board.
Will message you.
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You can take a radial leaded ceramic cap and touch its leads to the various ceramic cap leads while the noise is obvious and see if any of them seem to like the parallel capacitance and the noise is damped. Just a thought.

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