Using ceiling speakers with Connect:Amp & TV

  • 23 October 2017
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I am looking at buying the Connect:Amp to connect my ceiling speakers by Sonos. Is it possible for these speakers to be connected to my TV via the Connect:Amp also?
Apologies if this question has been answered before

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1 reply

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There isn't really enough detail in your OP to say with 100% certainty; it depends on the type of speakers (8 Ohm or 100 Volt Line), their number, and location. Also depends on the TV location relative to the amp and whether the wiring comes back to somewhere convenient.

However, presuming they are 6-8 Ohm and it's either a pair or you're happy to add an impedance matching transformer if it's an even multiple more than 2, and the speaker wires come back somewhere convenient for the connection of the amp to the TV then yes, the TV can be connected.

You'll probably need an Optical to Analogue Stereo Convertor to make the signal type comparible. You will also find that there's a sound lag behind the picture. That's because Sonos needs to digitise the input.