Office Set up: Speaker comparison

  • 10 February 2018
  • 1 reply

We are looking to get a sonos system in our office space. Our office is one large room 1600 sq ft approx with 20 ft high ceilings and a mezzanine. We are looking at wall mounting speakers. We need advice on
- How many speakers do we require
- Which speakers are best for a 1600sq ft / 20ft ceiling height space with a mezzanine
- How to achieve an even distribution of sound

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1 reply

Play 1 units. Buy a handful - even a dozen - place them temporarily around the space to see exactly how many are needed for even sound distribution, wall mount them based on that, and return the extra. When wall mounting them, site them a couple of feet below the ceiling and aim them in the general direction of people using the space.
Since it is an office, I presume you will not want them to play loud and that will need more speakers than for a space where they play loud to get the desired even distribution. So in the test, make sure that the volume levels match those you will use in the functioning office.
I also suggest that you get just one play 1 unit to start and make sure that it works well in the room with stable music play from your desired source.