"Unable to connect to Sonos Fix It "

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I had exact same problem. Turns out that I had a VPN installed on my phone (Hola). Uninstalling it fixed the problem. 

Same here. I upgraded to S2 and I get a constant error “Cannot connect to Sonos. Learn More.” but the possible solutions don’t work! I can’t even check the network settings in the S2 app because it just constantly says “Loading” and never actually loads.

I’ve been dealing with this massive frustration since the move to S2. Some times the app works fine, but most of the time I get the error message. My network has not changed and there should be no reason for this to continue happening. 

Diagnostic report submitted: 1955911001

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Any update on this? My three Sonos devices have basically been sitting unused and inaccessible for weeks now. This is absurd. I have reset each device several times, and tried connecting via S1 controller and it can’t find any Sonos on my network, when the devices are hooked up directly to my router.