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I was wondering if any other users have experienced issues since the new Play:1\Play:3 firmware was introduced?

I was recently able to access my music and update the libraries without problem.  Since updating the firmware on my 2xPlay:1 and Play:3 system, I have been unable to update my music library which is held on a very old NAS drive (WD My Book Live).  Nothing has changed in terms of the NAS drive settings, and it is so old that there has not been a firmware update for several years. The only thing that has changed is the firmware update to the Sonos speakers. From a cause and effect perspective, the only change has been the Sonos firmware (SoftwareVersion 67.1-27100, SoftwareDate 2022-03-10 17:01:21.399337).

The drive is viewable as normal via Windows Explorer and iTunes. Sonos support suggested it is an SMB issue, but it wouldn’t follow as it has worked before this firmware update. They have asked me to contract Western Digital to see if there is any way to change the SMB settings of this very old NAS drive (there are none in the dashboard).  I’ve been around long enough to know what WD are going to say. There has been no firmware update for several years, and I have never changed the settings. I have asked the question to WD nonetheless, …

Prior to contacting Sonos support, I was still able to play tunes in the assigned library but not update it to play the recent additions.  Sonos support asked me to remove the assigned library mapping, and I’ve since been unable to map it back. I’m not able to map to the NAS drive using the Android app or Windows (S2 app). Moreover, one doesn’t need Windows to access the Sonos app, and everything could be setup and controlled by Android, which eliminates the issue of it being down to Windows settings.

During the numerous support sessions, the Sonos system can connect to the NAS drive and create a library from a test folder of around 10 tunes, but not one of over 100, never mind the 20714 that I have (that was working fine before).


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I’ve not had any issues with my (relatively) ancient WD NAS, but it is running their latest OS v5, and I do have access to look at / change my SMB settings. But if I recall the nomenclature properly, mine is a “MyCloud” device, and not a “My Book Live” device. 

Oh, for the record, I’m running Sonos OS S2, on all speakers, including PLAY:1s and PLAY:3s. 

From WD: 


We would like to inform you that this device is no longer supported by us and new updates are not available for it. We also want to inform you that this function is not available in this device, unfortunately most modern devices like sonos cannot interact with this device. We recommend that you purchase one of our new NAS devices, we are sure that the Sonos device is compatible with these devices, below we send you information on connecting this device to our NAS devices:


Which is rubbish, as I’ve been using Sonos fine up until the most recent firmware update….

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I recall the WD SMB settings were buried somewhere but I deleted all my notes when I recycled my Live Drive due to the lack of security updates.

My Raspberry Pi mini-NAS is working just fine as a replacement to serve up my music.

If memory serves, SMB settings are available for WD My Cloud devices, but not for WD My Book devices….based on what I read in another thread. No personal experience. 

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FWIW I have an old wd my book live. I have made no changes to the default configuration and cannot see anywhere to change the SMB settings. The exported config file does not have any reference to SMB. It is working fine for me but then I do run S1

The SMB settings would be in the WD device’s setup, not in Sonos software. 

Does that report you generated tell you which version of the OS that WD has on your My Book Live?

Since you’re using Sonos’ S1 software, you should be restricted from the Sonos side to SMB v1. I have no idea what version the My Book Live’s OS is using. It’s possible that they’ve forced everyone to SMB v2 or v3, and if you don’t have the ability to change that, there’s not much Sonos can do. Especially painful if WD has expressed the fact that they’re no longer supporting the device. 

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Back looking in many year old bookmark backups trying to find the hidden, not in the menus, SMB settings, not a lot of luck.

SSH access: http://mybook/UI/ssh

Some tips for configuring WD SAMBA, might be the right direction.



Sorry but that is all I found, this security note was why I moved on.

Advisory Summary

Immediately disconnect your My Book Live and My Book Live Duo from the Internet to protect your data from ongoing attacks.


Thanks all.  Nothing has changed in terms of any of the settings or firmware on the My Book Live for about 7 or 8 years, so the drive is not the issue. I’ve never had remote access enabled so that’s why the security issue isn’t a concern.  A new NAS drive does sound like the answer, though I’m reluctant given Sonos’ dependence on SMB 1.

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Hi @jossman 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

We are currently investigating an issue whereby S2 systems will not connect to USB drives connected to some routers due to an SMB1/NT1 compatibility issue. I think your issue may be related, as it also seems related to the number of files involved. I just chatted to the engineer in charge of resolving the issue and he agrees. As we are looking to fix this, I recommend you hold tight for now. If you want to listen to your library in the meantime (understandable), you can bypass the issue for now by copying your library to your computer and sharing from there (though the computer will need to be on during playback).

Should you opt for a newer NAS drive, you shouldn’t have any issues as S2 utilises SMB2/3 by default, which will also be the default for any new NAS drive. Current Western Digital drives also integrate with the Western Digital “fake” music service that you can add to Sonos to bypass SMB altogether - I don’t know if MyBook Live also works with the service, but if it does, that would be a solution for you too (though it sounds like it might be a unsecure/dangerous thing to do, according to the link supplied by @Stanley_4 ).

I hope this helps.


Thanks for this.  The good thing is that my playlists appear to have been retained, and appear to be linked to the filename.  I copied the files onto my PC and they play fine, album covers and all.

I had the same problem and spent days online with the Sonos help desk, deleting my NAS drive and setting up again, which took about nearly a week to index all the music, I’ve found that if updates are not done on all software on your devices, it won’t update the music.