Sonos Website issue

  • 11 December 2022
  • 5 replies

Is anyone else having issues with the system and upgrade tab on the website?   I keep getting blank screens and it never loads or http error 502.   This has been for two weeks.   Unfortunately no help from Sonos support.   I have followed troubleshooting for my end but feel it is on sonos end.

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5 replies

Sorry, what ‘upgrade tab’ are you speaking of?

I’ve gone to, and logged in to my account, then selected ‘upgrade’, which is what I’m assuming you’re talking about, and everything shows up properly. All of this was done on Safari, on iOS, both the latest versions. 

That makes me wonder a few things.

  1. is there an issue with your account specifically? I would contact Sonos support to see.
  2. is there an issue with your browser? I’d try and update of the browser, followed by both a reboot of the browser itself, and ultimately the machine it is running on. 
  3. is there an issue with your router, possibly in DNS resolution? I’d try a reboot of the router first, followed by a reboot of the machine the browser is running on. 
  4. is there an issue with the location modifiers on the Sonos website? This might be resolved by checking your account on the website to ensure your location (country) is set properly, or selecting the appropriate settings at the bottom of the Sonos website.

Hey Bruce,

Thanks for your detailed response.

This is happening with my friends account here in Australia also so multiple accounts (all be it 3)

I have tried multiple browsers (Safari, Duck Duck Go and Google Chrome) and locations (including asking friends in Canada to log on).   I have also used different devices such as laptop, ipad, iphone and work desktops which all run off different internet, routers.

I have followed some troubleshooting for clearing Cache and other things but to no avail.

I have never had this issue in the 7 years of using sonos.  I have spoken twice over chat with sonos support but no resolution.   

I think you are right that this will end in a phone call. 

Is anyone else in Australia have these issues?



Update.   Friends accounts now working so probably worth a phone call

The main website thoroughly flusters Firefox on my desktop computer. Since I have the browser mostly strangled with respect to tracking me, it’s possible that it’s simply SONOS’s revenge for my blocking trackers.

The website is also slow rendering because there are so many large images and videos that are preloaded prior to rendering anything.

I have a fast Internet connection and a fast computer, but the site is slow rendering.

Interesting -- I usually avoid the main site because it is so ornery, but I attempted to load it while typing this reply -- surprise, after a while (I’m a slow typist) it actually loaded. This is the first time in weeks that I was able to view the site on my PC.

Safari on the iPad is pretty quick to load the site, despite its animated graphics. See attached after emptying the browser cache - it takes a couple of seconds, if that long, to load up.

Maybe it’s Firefox compatibility, or the security you have in place @buzz, or a combination of both those things, perhaps🤔?