Cannot group Sonos system with Google Home devices

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This would likely be one of two things, or a combination of both. First, the method by which data is transmitted to each device is different, and second, Google doesn’t want to allow Sonos into their ‘walled’ garden, so that Google gets the hardware sales, not Sonos.

Given the legal issues between the two companies, I wouldn’t expect this to change any time soon. 


I am pretty sure Sonos doesn’t want it’s customer to pick Google speakers to fill out their Sonos system either.  Although Sonos does support Apple airplay.

Two years later, can this be done? Can we link google/nest speakers and Sonos speakers? 

So far, Google has not implemented it. 

I just quit Amazon and decided in all rooms except kitchen and living room to replace my echos with Sonos roam or Sonos One SL. I wish I would've read this article first. I love the speakers but might have to return them. Can't afford another almost 1000$ just to replace those rooms with Sonos equivalent right now. 

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@Kaluju Beats This thread is about Google Home devices - I’m not sure Alexa on Sonos works in the same way Google does and would also make it impossible to command grouping with Amazon devices.

As I'm not an Alexa user , maybe someone else can shed a light on this….

Just got my Arc and was so confused why I could not use my Google home app to control it. It sounds great but I think this is a basic requirement to be called smart. I don’t even think the process is complicated and feels like it is intentional.


Wonder what their angle is, I am forced to login into to all the services I wish to use it is so bizarre. My wife likes listening to the radio and work fine with the Bose 900 and my other Google speakers. However, the arc forces you to login. Why! Just work like all the other speakers!