Sonos Move 2 compatibility with video projector

  • 18 November 2023
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I have a video projector (Optoma UHD38) connected by an HDMI cable to my internet box (Freebox Revolution).


I would like to be able to broadcast the sound coming from the video projector directly to the Sonos Move 2.


Do you know if this is possible? Is there a solution using the bluetooth option on the Sonos Move 2 by chance?


I am open to all types of configurations and solutions that would allow me to do this.


Thank you in advance for your help




PS : and below a rear view of my Optoma UHD38




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3 replies

If you want to use Bluetooth, as mentioned in your post, you would need to attach a Bluetooth TX to the Optical-out port and pair that with your Move 2 speaker - it maybe okay, but it’s a case of trying it and see if it works well for you.

The good news is you can go onto feed the BT stereo/mono audio-in into any Sonos product (in same Sonos Household) whilst on the same WiFi network. 

Note: the Move 2 also has an analog line-in option aswell (using a Sonos audio dongle), but I would not personally recommend using that with the projectors 3.5mm audio-out, as that would result in an audio buffer delay of at least ~75ms and may (likely) cause you lip-sync issues with any video on screen. 

So Bluetooth is ‘possibly’ one way to go, but it might present some reliability issues, or occasional drifting out of sync, but worth a try if you don’t want to spend too much money to get the audio into the Sonos eco-system.

Personally speaking however, I would have looked at adding a Sonos Soundbar, or Amp, instead, as those products can accept an optical connection (with or without an Optical adapter - depending on the chosen product), but it does of course mean a greater financial outlay, but it’s a much better, more-reliable A/V option.

Note that the Move is not designed to be a ‘home theater’ connected speaker. I’d second @Ken_Griffiths recommendation for one of the Sonos products that are designed for that kind of use. 

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Hello @Ken_Griffiths and @Airgetlam,

Thanks a lot for your responds and advices.

I saw this information in which Sonos seems to indicate that is possible to send audio from a videoprojector to Sonos Move 2, thanks Bluetooth.



I'm not looking for the ideal audio configuration to watch video content, so for now, upgrade my system with another Sonos models is not expected.

I will try Bluetooth TX option for now.

Thanks again !