Arc/Amp/tv/ceiling speakers

Having problems connecting/setting up my system. I can connect them all and all work but not together and when I search for my products on the app it can only find each product separate. Phone finds amp iPad finds arc neither finds the other.


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Please tell us more about your set up. Connected via wifi or Sonosnet? What wifi? Any AP's. mesh networtk?

Connected by WiFi BT in United Kingdom. Don’t know about AP or mesh network very new to all this.

I am trying to connect a amp and a arc to my tv and give me to option to use the ceiling speakers with tv but also separately without tv on.

i have the arc connected to tv was hoping the arc and amp would connect on the WiFi but can’t seem to connect. I have the Sonos app same account) on ipad and on there the arc is found. On my iPhone sonos amp is found but not the arc. 

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BT? Take a look if this is affecting you:

I’m not sure the firmware or if that is the issue or how I would solve that. However all products are connected to the internet but not to each other.

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To quote the first post in the thread: 

“The most consistent workaround we have discovered is to disable the 5GHz band on the BT Smart Hub 2. You can learn more about how to do this using these steps:

Please be aware, turning off 5GHz could affect the speed at which other devices connect through the network and should only be considered a temporary workaround.


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Hi. There is no steps in the answer. I have turned all the system off to try and “reboot” to no avail the next step to consider accordingly to sonos is to go back to factory settings which is not the best way to solve anY issues.


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The first supplied link says to contact BT. Have you done that?

The kid,

If I understand correctly you can see the ARC using the SONOS App on your iPad only and AMP using the SONOS App on your iPhone only?

Are you using the ceiling speakers connected to AMP as surround speakers for the ARC?