XFinity Remote and Sonos App volume synchronization

  • 5 December 2019
  • 4 replies

I have a 5.1 system using a Sonos Playbar (not the beam). I have a Sony Bravia 850B and a Comcast Xfinity cable X1 box. I primarily use the Xfinity remote to control to TV and volume (and it was set up using the Sonos app). However, I notice that (it seems) over time that that I've got to crank up the Volume that shows from the remote to almost 100 to get adequate sound. When this happens, and I look at the Sonos app volume, it's inevitably really low and raising it even slightly from the app makes a dramatic difference in the volume of the TV. In other words, its as though the two volume setting are not properly synchronize and are operating at different scales. This would not be so bad if once set they'd stay that way. HELP! Any ideas? This has been going on for well over a year and I finally got around to asking about it. My software (on all devices) is up to date.

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4 replies

So, I’ve got a theory, but you’re going to tell me I’m wrong….

Look in the audio settings of your Sony (I don’t own one anymore, so I can’t confirm). See if you have a setting that allows you to set your digital / optical output from variable to fixed.  Set it to fixed.

What I’m thinking is you’ve got dueling volume levels. The TV’s, being sent by the optical connection, and also the Sonos’ . When you set the TV’s output to fixed, if it can be done, you’re basically setting the TV’s output to a single non adjustable level, which is what the Sonos is actually expecting. That way, the only volume change is via the Sonos. 

Now, you need to go see if I’m right. :)

Eureka -  Now if I could just get the TV to stop telling me that the volume is fixed, every time I adjust the volume or mute!  Thank you!  Sorry for the delayed response.

Hmmm, two suggestion, but they’re that, and not guaranteed in any way. First, turn off the TV’s speakers in the audio settings. I think that will change that on screen display to “off”.

Second, and slightly more complex, is use a universal remote, and define the volume controls as something the Sony won’t recognize, then just train the Sonos to recognize that signal. With the TV oblivious, and the Sonos not, you won’t get that pop up.

I guess the xfinity qualifies as a universal remote...should have gone back and reread everything. Tell the xfinity remote that you have some other TV than Sony, and train the Sonos to recognize that sequence.