Which TV for Sonos Arc

  • 18 October 2020
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Can anyone tell me which current TVs are best suited for the Arc.  I’ve read lots of posts elsewhere from customers who aren’t able to get Atmos as their TVs do not support Atmos Pass through.

I won’t be using any in built apps as I am looking to connect the TV to an Xbox Series X, Apple TV 4K, and Chrome Cast with Google TV and use apps from those devices.  I’ll also be using the Xbox for UHD Blu rays and would also want to pass through Atmos (True HD).



3 replies

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This chart will give you all the televisions that will support eARC.

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Thank you John76

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Note that just because a TV says it supports eARC doesnt mean it will actually work correctly with a Sonos Arc. This forum is full of compatibility problems.

Sonos probably have a list of TVs that work (and they certainly have a list of those that do not work), but they don’t want to publish that list.