Stuck on TV Source?

  • 20 December 2017
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We have had a Sonos Playbar and 2 Play 1s as our primary television sound system for over 3 years now and the whole family loves it. Our usual routine is pressing the play button on one of the Play 1's first thing in the morning to listen to NPR. Since the last update, we cannot longer do this. It seems that the source stays "stuck" on the television source from the night before. This has never been the case. Now one of us needs to use the app and force the source back to another audio source. We miss the convenience of starting the last audio (music, npr) by just pressing a play button on one of the Play 1 speakers. Is there a setting for this that was changed in a recent update? Thanks for any help.

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3 replies

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Hi there, danwri. Thanks for posting! We are aware of an issue regarding the PLAYBAR and PLAYBASE and being stuck on TV input. Our technicians and engineers are hard at work on this. Thanks for your patience on this so far.
Thank goodness it's not just us! Things haven't really worked the same ever since the app was over hauled to be honest. Loved the old phone app but new one isn't as clean / simple
Hi! I'm suffering from the same issue as danwri (pretty much the same routine), but the 10 minute TV timeout stopped working recently, too. It'd be great if that behavior came back (I saw it's a known issue being looked into). Thanks!