Sonos Beam Not Recognized by Samsung Tv

  • 6 October 2023
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An update to my last post. Getting my smart plug to turn the Beam off then back on again a couple of minutes later early each morning does seem to have worked for me. 2 weeks without any issue. It’s still a work around but one that for me (fingers crossed) is working. 

I have a Samsung with external hdmi box and ARC connection. Frustrating that I have a Nintendo switch, Xbox and Sonos hooked up to TV and the sound cuts to “tv speaker” almost randomly. I’ll try the smart plug idea. 


It seems I now have this issue as od today 

My samsung QE65QN85C all of a sudden doesn't recognise the The beam..

It was working fine last night.…

I have tried the re booting 

Re setting router 

It's ridiculous 

If seems there is always something with this sonos

It only recently bought a new TV and this new system and it has always has niggling issues

But this is the worst as nothing fixes it…

Can anyone help.


I bought a Samsung S90C Tv 2 weeks ago. The Sonos arc is connected with its original hdmi cable to HDMI 3 (eARC). Sonos arc gets not recognized by the tv. The setup process in the Sonos app ending up with „CEC not connected“. The first 2 days I was scanning forums and articles to fix it myself. I ended up calling the Sonos support. It became a routine of ever day calling Sonos and Samsung support for 30 min each, if the found a solution for the problem.

They are only advising the trouble shooting like in ever other forum post. Still not working.


After spending an untold amount of time on hold with Sonos chat…

We managed to resolve for the time being!

Basically disconnected every hdmi cable and power from TV & beam

Reset router then plugged each HDMI input back in 1 by 1.

I guess like a complete reset

Then had the TV set up each new input again, perhaps try these steps if not tried before.

Fingers crossed all good from now on