Sonos Arc installed on top of a projector screen

  • 1 November 2020
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I am trying to install a Sonos Arc right above my motorized projector screen. Please see digram. There is a hanging decorative box in the middle of my middle room which is ideal to install an in-ceiling flushed motorized projector screen,  ~16 feet throw distance to the projector.  This room also has vaulted ceiling.  

I am planning on using HDFury Arcana to split the 4K+Atmos from Apple TV 4k and send audio to Sonos Arc and 4k Video to projector. 

Since there is nothing in the middle of the room (no walls) to install the sound bar, the only place I can think of is above the screen , right at the edge (see digram). 


Atmos requires upward angled speakers to drive sound with an angle to the ceiling so they can reflect back to the listening position and create the feeling of fully emerged sound. 

In order to get the front facing speakers in Arc to point to the sitting position, I have to tilt down the arc about 28 degrees. This means the already angled speakers on top of Arc will be pointing towards the vaulted ceiling with a different angle. 



1- Has anyone tried a setup like this where Arc is installed above the projector screen? in my case, Arc will be 4 feet above my ears. 


2- Any recommendations for the tilt angle ? should I tilt it such the front facing speakers point at me ? (there for ~28 degrees as shown in the diagram) ? Is there a guidebook from Atmos or Sonos that I can use to determine the best possible tilt angle given my dimensions ?


3- Will Trueplay adjust this special setting for Atmos ?


8 replies

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Hi @AliA, welcome to the Sonos Community! I really appreciate you reaching out here and the effort. I’d be happy to assist you. 

First, Arc can’t be wall-mounted above a TV or your projector because Arc has two up-firing speakers within it that sound best when positioned either on a tabletop, or wall-mounted below a TV.

Arc requires a minimum of 5.5 inches on the front and sides of it, with at least 2 inches between the backside of Arc and the TV when in a tabletop orientation. In wall-mounting, it is recommended to have a clearance of at least 5.5 inches between the TV and Arc.

You can check this Sonos User Guide specifically for the Sonos Arc. We can also wait for other’s opinions. We and the community are always here to help.

I have pretty much the same situation as @AliA  in terms of placing arc above the projector screen. Although mine is not flushed but hung. 

I will be using sub gen3 and 2 one SLs for rear. 

 I have a wide patio door over which (using L brackets) I installed a motorized 135 inch projector screen. See the picture attached  

if required I can bring the height of the screen further down with chains, that can give me abot 6 inch of space on top of screen.  Yes my ceilings are all flat and room size is about 24x15 ft. So seating from screen is about 13-14 feet.

As I am setting up the arc almost touching the ceiling. Can’t the arc be simply inverted so that the upward firing speakers point directly at the seating position? 
I know that it’s not an ideal position but then i also don’t  have any other options to put anything under the screen .

Please suggest some possible alternatives. 
@AliA what did you end up doing?


Any help is appreciated. 


I have not yet completed the projects. The contractors are building a box for my projector. But my plan remains the same, I will have an in-cieleing SI screen with the Sonos Arc mounted on top of it and tilted donwards 28 degrees. Will let you know how it sounds. :)

I am also thinking of putting the Arc above my projector screen. It gives nearly 3 ft below the ceiling. Can you tell me if this will be ok with Arc and the sound quality?

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I have the same plans….I have a 9’ wide patio door that will have a screen coming down out of the ceiling.  I plan on wall mounting the arc about 24” below the ceiling, above the projection screen.  Sonos really needs a way to help us out!

@AliA I’m very curious to know how it ended up sounding in the end? I have a similar situation to yours and my only option is mounting above screen. I also have a raked ceiling like yours but mine rakes up and away from where the arc would be installed Which should be better as the upfiring speakers won’t bounce the sound directly toward the ground. 


Would a Sonos Beam work instead?


And, while we’re at it, what hardware will mount any of these on the ceiling - allowing for a downward tilt?